Bio Terrorism: Wuhan’s latest claim on China’s vicious purpose!


China is always in the vicious adventurism of using terrorism as its dominance strategy. Since the emergence of COVID 19 outbreak, it was globally evident that China’s Wuhan lab is the key to the whole outbreak.

And now the recent statement by a researcher from Wuhan that COVID 19 was purposely engineered by China as a Bio-weapon to infect people which proves that all what was happening and what is going on in terms of the pandemic globally came from China.

China Covid News

But the most important political and global aspect that one should know is biological terrorism

Biological terrorism termed as an intentional use of biological agents, such as viruses, bacteria, toxins, or biotoxins, with the aim of causing harm, illness, or death to humans, animals, or plants. It involves the release of these harmful agents into the environment, where they can be transmitted through air, water, food, or direct contact, leading to widespread infections or outbreaks which can eventually even cause death.

Biological terrorism can have major consequences, not only in terms of human casualties but also in terms of societal disruption, fear, and economic damage. The agents used in biological terrorism are typically selected for their ability to spread easily and cause significant harm. This form of terrorism poses a significant threat to public health and security, as it can be challenging to detect, prevent, and respond to.

China Covid News

Instances of biological terrorism have the ability to create panic, destabilise societies, and have long-lasting socioeconomic impacts. That is why governments and organisations around the world invest in preparedness, early warning systems, and response capabilities to mitigate the risks associated with biological terrorism which we have already seen in the last two years.

These are some sensitive issues that require professional organizations, security agencies, public health authorities, and governments to ensure effective prevention, preparedness, and response to biological terrorism threats. Not only can these organizations help but people should co-operate and co-exist to create a better pre, post and current pandemic environment.