Jamia Firing Incident News – Why It Happened and What is the Truth

jamia firing incident

CAA Protest Latest News

A huge mass of protesters including students of Jamia Millia Islamia were marching towards Rajghat to hold a protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens on Thursday (30.01.2020). In spite of repeated warnings to students not participating in anti-national activities, the students and people are creating havoc across the nation. Around Delhi itself, many shaheen bagh groups are doing anti-national activities. One of the heroes Sharjeel Imam was arrested 2 days back. Many such heroes are still to be arrested for bringing peace in the nation.


❒ Jamia Firing Incident

However, during the protest, an unidentified man amongst the protesters came forward marched ahead and then allegedly shot a protesting student of the Jamia Millia Islamia at an anti-CAA protest near Jamia area in Delhi on Thursday (31.01.2020). The attacker purportedly shouted ‘who wants azadi‘ before firing at the anti protesters’ rally. “Kisko chahiye azadi? Main dunga azadi“[Who wants freedom? I will give freedom], and then he fired targetting the protesters.


Latest News Updates

The accused was immediately taken into custody. He had identified himself as Gopal. The police are yet to confirm his claim. The injured student, Shadab Najar was taken to Holy Family Hospital in Jamia area.

Earlier on Tuesday (28.01.2020), an armed man had entered the protest site at Shaheen Bagh and threatened the anti-CAA agitators. A video clip was also made viral of the incident in which a gun-wielding man was showed being overpowered by the protesters.

On investigation the police identified the man as Mohammad Luqmaan (50), a resident of Shaheen Bagh and were carrying a licensed pistol. He went to the protest site with a group of people to request the demonstrators for reopening of the road blocked by them said by the man to the police.

On Thursday afternoon (30.01.2020), this firing incident took place. Appearing as if, the protesters themselves have become tired of protesting. First, it appeared as if the firing was by one of the anti-CAA protestors. But when the accused revealed his identity then the facts got highlighted that the gunman had somehow been “provoked”. In fact, the gunman did because the Shaheen Bagh and other anti-CAA protests had provoked him.

Later the police confirmed that the shooter was a young man influenced by Hindutva politics who came with the perception to target the anti-CAA protesters at Jamia.


The truth of Jamia Firing News Latest Update

The man who fired in Jamia protest was identified as Gopal and has said that he did this to take the revenge of the death of Chandan Gupta, a boy who was murdered by Islamists during a Tiranga yatra. After the firing, the protesters started calling Gopal, a terrorist and started blaming Anurag Thakur for provoking this violence on. In fact earlier, Anurag Thakur during a political rally had said “Desh ke gaddaron ko” and the crowd had chanted “Goli maaro saalon ko”. Oppositions are blaming this rally for Gopal’s shooting in Jamia.

The fact that all the opposing parties have been trying to shield Islamists and started publicizing the “Hindu terrorism” unnecessary trying to bring ball into their pocket without knowing the facts. This incident made many people to think that if the Jamia shooting was staged by the Leftists, right after the Anurag Thakur speech and before the Delhi elections. People are also saying that after the arrest of Shaheen Bagh mastermind Sharjeel Imam, who is a declared radical Islamist who wants to turn India into an Islamic nation, a conspiracy might have been cooked to shift the focus from the radical Islamists running riots since January by creating a “Hindu” object of hate.

Still more information is yet to emerge and it is not sure if this is a stage-managed event or genuine restlessness with the whitewashing of Islamic terrorists, there are certain questions that need to be answered about the shooting at Jamia.

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