Kalam’s Dream Comes True with the Success of K4 Nuclear Missile

Success of K4 Nuclear Missile

India is continuously progressing in the field of defence. India’s defence system is known to be the strongest and highly coordinated in all the three sub divisions- Army, Air force and Navy. Indians are proud of their defence personnel; they deserve a mark of respect and salute from us.

Indian navy has been upgraded with the recent success of K4 nuclear missile. India’s first nuclear powered submarine was Arihant-class. This class submarines are nuclear powered ballistic missile built under the Advanced Technology Vessel (ATV) project. They were the first nuclear submarines designed and built by India.

With continuous development, currently, there are three Indian Navy submarines that are undergoing sea trials. One of the three is a nuclear submarine; the other two are diesel-electric submarines. INS Arighat: It is an Arihant class Ballistic missile submarine that was launched on November 19, 2017. It is estimated to be commissioned in 2019.

Now, India is ready to test fire its most potent nuclear prevention missile over this weekend in the Bay of Bengal, which will demonstrate a survivable second strike capability to target all potential adversaries. The test of the K4 submarine-launched nuclear capable missile is scheduled to take place from an underwater platform off the coast of Andhra Pradesh on 29th November 2019, provided the weather conditions are absolutely normal.

The missile having the target range of 3,500-km, is designed for the Arihant class of nuclear submarines, which will be tested from a fixed underwater pontoon as part of the developmental trials, which will be conducted by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

The earlier tests in November had to be cancelled as cyclone Bulbul hit the eastern coast, it would hinder in the operation of the nuclear capable missile. As already scheduled the DRDO was supposed to carry out test-firing of the K-4 nuclear missile from an underwater platform off the Vishakhapatnam coast on Friday 29th November. During the trial, officials said that the DRDO will test the advanced systems in the missile system.

It is not yet clear whether the DRDO will test the missile at the full strike range or shorter ranges. However, NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) and marine warnings for long-range missile test have already been issued by India for the planned test-firings.
India has already instructed seafarers and asked airmen for blocking a flight path close to 3,000 km that stretches to the Indian Ocean in preparation for the test. The K4 has already undergone three tests in the past and is considered to be the real game changer that would give India a second strike option.

Already India is equipped to have an operational SLBM (the K15) onboard of the INS Arihant, its range is capped at 750 km, limiting second strike options and with that, the effectiveness of the nuclear triad. Though land-based Agni series of missiles have proved their worth with multiple tests over the past years and India has its Mirage 2000 fighters rigged to deliver strategic warheads, but the option of underwater launched missile is widely considered to be the most powerful second strike nuclear warhead.

The country would launch strategic weapons only if it comes under a nuclear strike from an adversary.  There is no first use policy. Rather a submarine that is hidden deep in the sea, having the abilities to target all potential enemies is considered to be the most effective tool.

DRDO is already working on another higher range missile, the K5, which is 5,000 km range submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) that would be fitted on board nuclear powered submarines as well, this will be equivalent to the range of the Agni V, India’s longest range land-based missile.

“Salute To Our Defence System and Proud To Be an Indian”

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