Diet of Kids Changes with Their Age

child nutrition diet chart

Child Nutrition Diet Chart: Nutrition plays a pivotal role in the development of living beings. Whether, one is a child or an adult requires all the five essential types of nutrients — such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Only the difference lies in its quantity, according to the age.

Growth of children in their childhood is much faster than the later stages of life. So, it becomes very important to pay more attention to the diet of children in their childhood.

❍ Diet of Children in the age of 1 to 6 months

Children in this age should be given only mother’s milk. It is the best food for the infants. Mother’s milk is rich in all the nutrients which an infant requires for his/her growth. Many components in breast milk help protect the babies against infection and disease.  The proteins present in it are more easily digested than the cow’s milk.  The calcium and iron in breast milk are also easily absorbed by the baby. But as he grows up his requirement also increases.

❍ Diet of children at the age of 6-9 months

  • In addition to mother’s milk give him other kinds of milk, fruits, fruit juice, vegetable, vegetable juice etc.
  • Milk of goat is much better than cow’s milk. Add large amount of water in the milk in the beginning but when the child grows up reduce the quantity of water gradually.
  • Vitamin C is destroyed when milk is boiled, so give one spoon of orange juice thrice a day. In lack of this, tomato juice can be given. If possible one spoon of Amla juice can also be given.
  • Add Honey or raisins in the milk but never add sugar to it, boil one cup of milk with half spoon of saunf in it, this will make the milk light and digestible.
  • It is also good when the milk is boiled with pieces of one small cardamom; this will make the milk tasty and light.
  • In place of animal milk, soybean milk, coconut milk, groundnut milk or sesame milk can be given.

❍ Diet of children after the age of 9 months

  • Start giving soft fruits like banana, papaya, chikoo, and mash with spoon; don’t touch with hands, this would avoid infections.
  • Fruits should be given only when the baby is hungry; fruit should never be given when the child is not hungry as child will not like the new taste when he is not hungry. It will also help in the teething process.
  • A child becomes healthy if he is made to lick potato juice mixed with honey.
  • Make the child drink tomato and carrot juice mixed with honey, it will act as a tonic for their good growth
  • Water of Green Gram/ vegetable soup is also beneficial.
  • Calcium and Iron should be in sufficient amount in the child’s food.
  • When the child is not interested in food or not taking milk or other food or he is sleeping then don’t force him for the food.

❍ Diet of Children after the age of 2 year

  • When you start a solid diet for children let them get the habit to eat by chewing in this way it gives the digestive system in a proper way and avoid overeating.
  • Fix the time for food and give the food at the right time solid food should be given thrice a day. Eating all the day is equal and to inviting diseases.

❍ Don’ts of Diet for children

  • Don’t give cereals full of starch like wheat and rice till the healing process is completed, as the cereals, do not get digested.
  • Don’t give him very hot food immediately after very cold food or vice versa.
  • In the beginning give in small quantities and then increase gradually.
  • Don’t let the child have tea, coffee, a lot of salt, pepper, spices, chocolate, toffee, Samosa Kachori sweets and namkeen etc. which are indigestible.
  • All these items are stimulants they don’t get digested and produce a burning sensation in the stomach which cause many diseases.
  • The habit of Fast Food and junk food make the child stubborn temperamental and lazy.
  • Let the child take less all from beginning so that they don’t have to face disease in future.
  • Don’t let unsuitable food be cooked in the house adopt the habit of simple food
  • If spicy items are cooked daily in your house then you cannot adopt the habit of natural simple food.
  • Every child is habituated to eating in times of natural hunger. But the parents or other family members teach them the habit of overeating by giving untimely food; this makes the child ill, as eating food without being hungry is not conducive to health. When you are forcing to eat without feeling hungry then he may start hating the food.
  • He will think that meal time is a burden and he may try to escape from it.
  • Remember that no child likes to remain hungry, if he feels hungry will ask for food and when the child eats while feeling hungry then he will eat everything willingly and will also eat even the simplest of food and will enjoy eating.

❍ Dos of Diet for children

  • It is better to cook the food by boiling or steaming or by roasting instead of fry.
  • It is beneficial to use refined oil instead of butter.
  • When the child is ill give him only salads, fruits and juice.
  • All the family members should eat together and keep the TV off.
  • Let the child adopt the habit of eating homemade food, as it is fresh clean and healthy.
  • There must be regularity in the food and lifestyle of a child.
  • In future the child continues to follow these habits which will keep him healthy and nourished throughout his life.
  • Those children who take natural food (seasonal fruits, vegetables, Green Leaves, salad, soaked dry fruits, sprouted cereals, fruits and vegetables juices etc.) hardly ever fall sick.

Parents should not only focus on their diet but also should take care of their physical activities, education, and sports activity, outdoor activities in order to keep them healthy and fit.

“Diet and Healthy Environment of House Is Important For Healthy Development of Child”

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