Kashmir section 370 removed

Kashmir Section 370 Removed: Everyone is thrilled since Indian Home Minister Amit Shah announced the new bill amidst the deteriorating conditions of Kashmir. Everyone was waiting for the decision and now it is confirmed that Kashmir would no longer enjoy special rights under article 370. Yes! While most Indians are elated after the announcement, Kashmiris are not satisfied as they are feeling cheated.

The situation in Kashmir was getting tense and that is when Indian govt. imposed section 144 which suspended all internet, phone and television services. The entire state was on high alert since then and the under house arrest of main leaders had worsened the situation. The issue has been partially resolved as Kashmir is now a union territory which means under the control of the central government (Kashmir Section 370 Removed), but the army is alert for the violent reactions.

Kashmir Section 370 Removed – What is history?

Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel in 1951 sow the seeds of Kashmir controversy we all have grown up reading. Reading Indian history would remind you how Patel acceded all princely states in the name of Indian integration. He used many strategies such as force, greed, and politics to complete his project as the then home minister of India. Kashmir was one of the states among many others including Lucknow.

Kashmir was the only state which did not accede to any of his proposals and demanded freedom in most areas as it has its own constitution and laws. Indian parliament then offered to reserve special rights for them. The Hari Singh was the king at that time and he signed the integration proposal only on the condition to have a separate constitution. Since then Kashmir is enjoying special rights mentioned under article 34A.

These rights were as follows:

  • Only Kashmiri people have the right on the property and facilities offered by the govt. of Kashmir.
  • Only Kashmiri people can get the govt. job in the state of the state.
  • Only Kashmiri students can join college established by Kashmir govt. and only they can avail the aids and help offered by the state govt.
  • They have their own parliament and legislature, and their consent for Indian citizenship only on these conditions.

The king signed, but many people were not happy with his decision as some of them wanted to Kashmir to be a part of Pakistan because of their religion while some of them wanted it to be a free state. These were the conditions in Kashmir at that time, and these disagreements later become one of the root causes of why their younger generation become interested in revenge and become associated with criminal activities because they were under the influence.

The conflict of different points of view and Pakistan’s claim on the state resulted in multiple wars and criminal activities in Kashmir which also resulted in the partition of Kashmir into POK and IOK. The situation is degrading since then and the whole country especially innocent Kashmiris had to suffer a lot.

Indian Govt. has decided not to tolerate it further as the govt. the official seems to encourage their people against India. The central govt. has today (August 5, 2019) had abolished all the special rights given to Kashmir after the president Ram Nath Kovind signed on the bill. Mehbooba Mufti, the present president of Kashmir has however accused Indian Govt. for cheating and called it another black day for Kashmir. They have always blamed October 27 as black day because the Indian army in 1947 landed in Kashmir, and keep provoking the younger generation against India.

Home Minister announced Kashmir as a Union Territory

Becoming a Union Territory means Central govt. only have the right to take major decisions in the state. Kashmir would also be treated like all other states, but Kashmir would continue to have its own legislature and law. The idea behind this is to control terrorist activities in the state. The central govt. has announced the decision officially while they are receiving opposition from the opposite party especially congress who does not seem to appreciate this amendment in the Constitution.

Kashmir Section 370 Removed: Major Reactions

Everyone is having their opinions and are sharing their views on twitter. The Kashmir leaders, however, are warning the govt. that they won’t tolerate as they are trying to give it a religious turn. These leaders including Mehbooba and Omar Abdulla, have shared provocative messages and warned that the decision would result in war-like conditions.

“Revoking 370 could start another partition along communal lines”, says Mehbooba Mufti

Indian govt. though it does not seem to be worried at all as they are prepared to tackle upcoming conditions. The Center govt. has alerted the army about upcoming situations and increased security at major locations.