“Modi-Ji, please segregate us and bring us back home safely”, Video Viral from Quarantined Japan Ship

quarantined japan ship

This Coronavirus has created havoc globally. Though China is claiming for the quarantine of novel Coronavirus, this is not true as more and more people are still dying at a larger rate and more and more are getting infected in China. Now even the Panic has struck the crew and passengers of the luxury cruise liner that has been strictly isolated off a port in Japan since February 5 to prevent the spread of the disease.  From there an Indian crewmember onboard Diamond Princess told NDTV that the captain of the ship had announced recently that 66 people have been found infected with the new Coronavirus.

He is amongst the 160 Indian crew members on the ship. For this more than 3,700 passengers and crew are facing two-week quarantine in Japan.

A chef of the crew from north Bengal, Binay Kumar Sarkar, earlier had appealed to the Indian government for help via. Social media and told NDTV that this new Coronovirus fear is creating panic on-board amongst the people.

Recently a video got viral from the ship, created by Mr. Sarkar, who had appealed to the government and the United Nations to separate out the Indians on board.  As, none of them have been checked (for coronavirus), and this was the main reason for their isolation. All the Indian men were found to wear white masks in the video.

Mr. Sarkar had pleaded the government by saying, Modi Ji, please somehow save us as soon as possible. There is no point in getting suffered from the virus if detected positive with it and something wrong happens with them.

The team had tried to investigate the key reason for Coronavirus infection in the crew; it was found that Diamond Princess had sailed from Japan’s Yokohama on January 20, 2020.  In Hong Kong, a passenger got off into the ship on January 25, 2020. On February 2, the ship came to know that the Hong Kong passenger was found positive with coronavirus.

On the ship there were more than 3,700 passengers and the crew when it arrived off Japan’s coast on last Monday (03.02.2020). It harbored in Yokohama on Thursday (05.02.2020) to prevent from the coronavirus, as a safety measure, for a quarantine which could last until February 19, 2020. Only very few people on the ship, 356, were tested for coronavirus, for its infection.

It was also claimed that according to several Japanese news sources, the number of new positive cases confirmed today is 60 and the total number of coronavirus-positive people on board is around 130.

Passengers on the ship have been asked to stay inside their cabins to prevent new infections and this has brought more misunderstandings and aggravation. Though, the World Health Organization (WHO) had requested the medical staff on Tokyo to provide sufficient support, including mental care, for the passengers and patients.

The coronavirus has infected more than 43,000 people and deaths reached to 1018, in China and now spreading in the neighboring countries too, it is an alarming condition for India too, who has to be fully prepared to fight against it.

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