Must have had complaints by the monsoon forecast at some point or the other for sure, depicting  heavy rainfall at your place, but you end up encountering a scanty one or not at all. This has been an  everlasting issue!

But no more!

The scientists recently have discovered a tool that defines the exact onset and the demise of the Indian Summer monsoon that has an immense affecting millions every year.

The researchers from Florida have developed a tool that uses rainfall rates to mark the span of Indian Summer Monsoon (ISM), at any given location throughout the suffered region.

Since a very long time struggles were been  made to define the monsoon scale precisely but every time they lacked something or the other. Finally they have achieved the successful development of the too that defines the fine scale of the Indian monsoon.

“Current weather forecasting and monitoring protocols focus attention on monsoon onset at one location—specifically the state of Kerala in the southwest corner of the country—and extrapolate for the rest of the region,” said Vasu Misra, who is the associate professor at Florida State University.

“We have gone down to specific locations, we have covered the whole country, and we have objectively defined the onset and demise dates for any given year,” he quoted, who is  also the lead investigator of the study published in the journal Climate Dynamics.

Many countries witness torrents of rain during the monsoon season which is almost 90% of the total precipitation in a particular year.

They also claim that the pulse of India’s political and agricultural platform would face a downfall if this imprecise definition of the monsoon season lasts.

This also creates a huge chaos among the people, who try to comprehend and make out the perfect onset of the monsoon season, in order to avoid the uninvited mishappenings and misfortunes at times, because no one was able to attain this at a granular scale.

Anyways, this system, which knots the onset of monsoon to the location-specific rainfall thresholds, lighten the woes faced by the people till date.

Till now, it has been the regional meteorological department’s personal ad hoc criteria, that has often ended up being contravening. But with this new effort to develop a tool for a standardized  definition of the monsoon, the issue will no longer persist across any region.

“Our research enables quite easy real-time monitoring of the onset and demise of the Indian monsoon,” Misra said.

“We have tested this for 105 years of available data, and this criterion has not failed once for any location over India,” he said.

This shows how much efforts they have put into it. A hearty congratulations  to their success and our saviour!