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Mumbai Rain News
Mumbai Rain News: Continuous rain in Mumbai has reminded us of the 2005 flood. Though the present situation is much better as compared to the Previous incident, it can at any time take a dangerous face if the rain does not stop. Monsoon has demonstrated its treacherous aspect in Mumbai where the situation is worsening every day. People initially were admiring the rain but got alarmed when it did not stop. Roads were already blocked in most of the areas, but now the entire state is under high alert as the water has crossed the danger level in some areas. Mumbai govt. had advised people not to visit sea area as the weather department announced heavy rain for 24 more hours.

Everyone is afraid and hope that they don’t have to face the worst. The situation is not as frightening as flood but it has caused many accidents and deaths in the last few days. News channels are getting more and more updates because Mumbai Rain News does not seem to stop soon and it is negatively impacting the normal lifestyle in Mumbai.

Mumbai Rain News Caused Various Accidents

➬ The rain washed students – the incident took place in Navi Mumbai when seven students went for a picnic near a river and slipped into the river because the water level was high due to continuous rain. This Mumbai rain news shocked everyone when the police found one of them dead and were still in search of others.

➬ People evacuated from Kurli – Kurli is a place in Mumbai near Mithi River. It came into limelight when more than 1000 people evacuated to the area in order to prevent any mishap as the area was on high alert. The Kranti Nagar area in Kurli was declared high alert, and that is why the residents left their own houses.

➬ Govt. declared holiday on Monday– The situation was worsening due to continuous rain and water lodging. The state govt, then announced that the schools and colleges would remain closed and requested everyone to stay safe at their homes and declared a holiday.

➬ Trains and flights were suspended – After the weather department and India Meteorological Department (IMD) announced heavy rainfall for two days, all the flights and trains were suspended to avoid accidents. The act impacted and disturbed normal life in Mumbai but it was for the safety of its citizens.

➬ The boy died of electrocution – A 52 years old filed complained as her son died of electrocution. According to her, their house was filled with water, and as he touched the door to open, he got an electric shock.

➬ The 10-year boy died in Lonavala – In Pune a house wall collapsed which severely injured a girl and her 10-year-old brother died on the spot.

➬ Landslide injured four people – Four people were injured due to the landslide in Rajiv Gandhi Nagar of Goregaon. All the people injured in the accident were later admitted to the hospital.

Though we can’t call it a flood, but it is no better as it is affecting everyone. People have to leave their own house was already bad news but the accidents where people lost their lives are worrying about everyone. These accidents could increase in number and more people are at stake if the rain does not stop.