Pakistan Caught Again In “Nuclear Smuggling” Activity

pakistan nuclear smuggling activity


Pakistan is such a country that will never improve in any aspect. Stealing, betraying and telling lies is in its blood. Recently Pakistan has been caught again in the US for playing tricks on Nuclear Weapons. Theft and smuggling of Pakistan’s nuclear technology are not working for them. At the same time, for which it has made an international procurement network, which is buying sensitive goods from America in the name of Pakistani Mask Company. At the same time, 5 people working for this network in the US have been found guilty. It is also being said that an official of the US Justice Department has said that theft of sensitive goods is a threat to the national security interests of the US as well as to the balance of India and regional power.

According to information from sources, it is said that Pakistan’s nuclear program is dependent on theft and smuggling, it is significant that without any mastery in the field of science and technology, Pakistan has acquired nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles on the strength of theft and smuggling. The conviction of these people has once again made it clear that Pakistan is still dependent on theft and smuggling to strengthen its nuclear program. All the five convicted were working for the mask company. The US Department of Justice said in a statement released on Wednesday, January 15, 2020, that the five convicted were working for the Rawalpindi-based mask company ‘Business World’. But in reality, they used to run a network of buying and exporting sensitive goods from the US for the Advance Engineering Research Organization (ARO) and Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) of Pakistan.

While smuggling sensitive American goods, these 5 were identified by 41-year-old Muhammad Kamran Wali from Pakistan, 48-year-old Muhammad Asahan Wali from Canada and Haji Wali Muhammad Sheikh, 82-years-old, Ashraf Khan Muhammad from Hong Kong and Ahmed Wahid, 52, from Britain. It has taken place at the same time, it has been said that the US federal court has convicted them for conspiring to violate the International Emergency Economic Power Actor and Export Control Reform Act. Assistant Secretary-General of the Department of National Security John Demers said that these five were smuggling sensitive American goods to units that have been a threat to US national security for years.

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