Pew Di Pie Quits You Tube, Says He Is Very Tired

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Popular Swedish vlogger (one who makes short films that record their thoughts, ideas, or opinions on a subject), Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg aka PewdiePie broadcasted that he will quit video platform Youtube because he is very exhausted.

“He said he will be taking a break from YouTube next year 2020. The amazing speaker wanted to say this in advance because he had made up his mind. I’m tired. I’m feeling very tired and need rest.  He further said as you are already aware of the fact that early next year I’ll be away from youtube for a little while, the reasons behind quitting the platform will be revealed later.

Felix became tempered on YouTube when he launched his channel nine years ago. He has over 102 million subscribers and people have viewed his channel over 24 billion times since its beginning.

He was born in 1989 in Sweden, Pewdiepie featured on Time magazine’s ‘The World’s 100 Most Influential People’. He is surrounded by the overexcited fan following of over 20 million on Twitter and Instagram as well.

In India particularly, Pewdiepie became a popular name after it locked horns with India’s music channel T-Series to become the most-subscribed Youtube channel. However, the Indian giant defeated the YouTuber in the epic battle that continued for months.

“No Doubt Many Indians Are Huge Fan of Him”

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