PM Modi in G-7 Summit: UN to Raise the Bilateral Issue of Kashmir

PM Modi in G-7 Summit

Is not it a proud moment of All Indians that the French President Emmanuel Macron personally invited our PM Modi in G-7 Summit even when India is not among the Seven Countries. PM Modi on Sunday reached France where the summit is taking place and meet with the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and United Kingdom PM Boris Johnson. The main event will take place today, but they on personal levels discussed on ways to strengthen the international relations.

PM Modi In G-7 Summit Will Discuss The Indo-Pak Disputes

What every Indian is curious about is not the global tensions but the Kashmir issue on which PM Modi in G-7 Summit will talk to the US President Donald Trump. Trump has continuously offered to intervene in the Indo-Pakistan disputes post the revocation of Section 370 because India calls it in internal problem, and there is no need for Pak to interfere. Pakistan, on the other hand, has taken the matter to Trump and requested him to have a talk with India. Trump, after the request of Imran Khan, has asked PM Modi to discuss the situation as Kashmir’s Issue is Bilateral.

Something About The G-7 Summit

G-7 stands for the group of seven most developed countries including Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The representatives of these nations gather to discuss their or global issues and strategize for development. They also unite to help countries suffering tragedies. For example, the G-7 summit 2019 would focus on the Amazon Fire, which has affected the major locations of Brazil and would discuss ways to help them.

Ministry Of External Affairs (MEA) After PM Modi Got The Invitation

The fact that India has been invited by the President of the G-7 Summit is something to be proud of because the committee does not usually invite non-participants to attend the meeting. We should be proud of our nation which has proved its potential of becoming a developed country, and that is why Emmanuel Macron asked Narendra Modi (PM Modi in G-7 Summit) to join them in Biarritz, where the summit has been started since morning.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) stated that the invitation is a “reflection of the personal chemistry, and recognition of India as a major economic power.”

The US is likely to raise the issue of the abolishment of some sections of Article 370 because the country as more than once expressed its interest to mediate between India and Pakistan.