PV Sindhu’s Inspiring Interview after Winning Gold in BWF World Championship

BWF World Championship

Supreme are those who aren’t proud of their supremacy: The latest interview of a talented daughter who represented our country in front of the world and made all of us proud. Many Many congratulations to PV Sindhu on beating the world champion Nozomi Okuhara who serves a great example of my definition of Supremacy. Yes! She is the best, and she deserves the best. Sindhu is not just an exceptional badminton player, but a great student and a humble human being who did not stop with little victories and did not lose her focus even after getting extra attention after becoming one of the top sports celebrities. Here is what she said after creating history winning the gold medal in the BWF World Championship

Considering the 2017 Championship, where PV Sindhu lost the finale to the same Nozomi Okuhara, Sindhu was quite conscious and was expecting a long battle because thrashing her was not an easy task. Sindhu expressed her happiness that she maintained the lead. She said in the interview:

“Honestly, I was expecting a long battle, given Okuhara’s reputation. But, I am glad that I could peak at the right time and never really let the lead slip away.”

PV Sindhu Shares the Credit with her Coaches

She is humble enough the give extra credit to her coaches who took the best out of her and suggested better techniques to crush her all-time rival Nozomi Okuhara in the final round of BWF World Championship. She mentioned the name of her Korean coach Kim Ji Jyun, and Gopi Sir who has been her mentor since the start of her badminton journey. After being asked about the role of her coaches, she affirmed:

“Definitely, the Korean coach Kim Ji Jyun’s inputs and Gopi sir’s guidance were major plus points in my campaign … I must say Kim has her own effective style of getting the best out of me.”

PV Sindhu has now become the third player who has won all three medals in the BWF World Championship. She has till now won 2 bronze, 2 Silvers, and this was the third time she was playing the final match, and everyone wanted to ask if she was nervous, or under pressure. To this, she very politely replied that she was only playing for the sake of game and wanted to give her best, which she did very well, but was not under pressure to win. During the after-match presentation, she shared how easy the match was for her as there were no errors, and it could be a perfect game.

“I never felt any pressure before entering what was my third final. I just wanted to give my best shot and didn’t bother whether I would win or not when the final started … The best part is there were very few unforced errors and it was a near-perfect game.” PV Sindhu.

If we need to summarize the match, we can say that it was a one-sided match from the beginning, and PV Sindhu is quite happy about it. She said she did not imagine it to be so easy, and is very happy that she dominated the match.

“Well, I didn’t expect it to be such a one-sided final but I must say I played as well I could in the most important match of the championship … I was really dominating from the start.”

When being asked if she had planned to be aggressive, Sindhu asserted that she had planned to be defensive at the start, but when she saw that the conditions were in her favor that she decided to attack her rival.

“It was not a conscious ploy to attack right from the first game but since every aspect of my game was falling in place, I just ensured that the momentum never really slipped away. I am immensely delighted with what is the most important win of my career.”

She dedicated the BWF World Championship medal to her mother

PV Sindhu has become an inspiration for all women who have an aspiration and the strength to achieve everything they dream. She did not forget to mention the contribution of her family who supported her through her journey and dedicated the medal to her mother as a birthday. Sindhu’s final match was exactly on the day of her mother’s birthday, and she dedicated this victory to her mother.

“Yes, this is the biggest gift I could give to my mother who is celebrating her birthday today and I dedicate this win to my parents, grandparents, coaches, all the support staff at the Gopi Academy and fellow-players who have always been there with me,” she said.

Success has never stopped her feet, and would never do in the future. When everyone was excited after her historic victory as she became the first Indian to win the BWF World Championship. She has something else in her mind. Though she is excited about the day and proud to win, she has now cased her eye on the Olympics Gold. We are sure she would soon achieve her new dream, and we will in future congratulate her on winning the Olympic medals.

“Well, one goal is achieved and the next one is there — Olympics. I will really work hard and will prepare to win that one also by doing well in the Super Series in the run-up to the Tokyo Games next year,” an elated Sindhu concluded.