PM Modi’s Aggressive Remark: Shaheen, Jamia is a Plot to Destroy Harmony

modi on shaheen bagh

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Currently, the campaigning of Delhi Assembly Election is on peak. This time the campaign of Delhi elections is a true battle, the thought process and the commitments of BJP, AAP and Congress are totally different, but the whole election revolves around BJP and AAP parties as Congress is in archive.

BJP legendary leaders Amit Shah ji, Yogi ji, Prakash Javedkar ji, Peyush goyal ji etc. are already campaigning since a week in Delhi and making people to understand about their benefits and expectations which they have been waiting since a long and still they did not get it, which was all because of dirty politics played by AAP party, especially Arvind Kejriwal, he had never implemented good strategies in Delhi created by centre and had turned down all the benefits which they could have got long time back. So this is the reason, there is a need for BJP to win the Delhi Assembly elections to overcome all the drawbacks of the state and make it a beautiful and well organized city.


Campaign by PM Modi on Monday (03.02.2020)

Prime Minister had his first entry with respect to Election Campaign of Delhi polls in Shahdara on Monday (03.02.2020).  He had addressed the people of Shahdara and during his speech he had made people to understand the facts of Delhi condition and also revealed the truth of the protests undergoing at Jamia Millia, Shaheen Bagh and other places against the Citizenship Amendment Act.  He remarked aggressively the protests of Shaheen Bagh and Jamia in the excuse of using the tricolour they are trying to disrupt harmony of the country. The protesters were also using Constitution to cover their real objective.


Disruption of National Harmony

PM Modi said whether it is Jamia or Shaheen Bagh, anti-CAA demonstrations have been going on continuously for about 50 days. Are these demonstrations random events? The truth is they represent a dirty politics which is designed by the Congress and AAP parties to destroy national harmony.

PM Modi had commenced the sarcastic attack while addressing his first campaign rally in Delhi which drew loud cheers from the large crowd. PM Modi had also accused the Congress and AAP for indulging in vote-bank politics and the reason why the protests had initiated and still going on.

Instead of making them their part of game, they could have been supported in calling off the protest, after the government’s assurance that the CAA and NRC shall not take away anybody’s citizenship. But on the contrary AAP and Congress had played politics and everything is now very well exposed.

In the gist of the complete speech at the end, Prime Minister gave assurance to the people of Delhi that if BJP gets the opportunity to serve the people of Delhi then, there will be immense development in the national capital. He advised the people to vote for BJP and NDA and wanted their support in its development.

Today (04.02.2020), PM Modi had his 2nd rally in Dwarka

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