Scientists Develop Earthquake Proof Concrete

Earthquake proof concrete

Earthquakes have been witnessed to cause a havoc in the lives of the people, when struck with its full-fledged wrath, thus, affecting millions of them.

People residing in the Earthquake prone areas are always scared of its occurrence  as they know that they would have to start everything from the scratch after it. It does hail a lot of misfortunes with it, from the uprooting of the houses to loosing the dear ones in the family.

To improve the livelihood of the people lodging in those areas, the scientists have been conducting certain experiments.

Finally,Researchers from the University of Columbia (UBC) in Canada have  developed the earthquake proof fibre-strengthened concrete that can curb the effect of earthquake by resisting  the seismic vulnerability of damaging, distorting , disrupting and uprooting the age old as well as brand new  architectural structures, be it how much ever strongly constructed.

This  isa cement material which is constructed at a molecular scale and proved to be malleable, ductile and strong, akin to steel. It is believed to reduce the seismic activities by just applying a thin layer upon the surface.

They have even proved it to be highly sustainable due to its composition of the eco-friendly ductile cementitious composite (EDCC),that is obtained by  combining the  cement with polymer-based fibres, flyash and other industrial additives. During the simulation, which is always conducted in order to check for its success, it was subjected to the Earthquake intensities  with the magnitude as high as 9.09.1.

The  EDCC will be rendered in school at Roorkee in Uttrakhand,India, which is  a highly seismic area for research purpose.