Escape from Reality to Virtual World : Online Gaming Addiction

Online Gaming Addiction

Hands sweltering by holding the gun to aim and shoot! Your last chance to survive….. pearls of sweat oozing and dripping off from your brow , you have this one last chance, else you will die!

Running on the street, to save yourself from the police, encountered a car, swooped right in, killed the driver and speeded off blindly, killing, hitting, shooting, thus murdering more people on your way.

Squatting serene on the top floor, when suddenly “Fire” out of nowhere, your heart pounding to escape that allusive stain of the stenching bullet on you.

You are the commander of the army and are on the mission to encounter the invaders in the phoenix in Egypt.. Sweating..pounding..panting…sacred to open every next door, in the fear of being killed by the enemy! puffing something or someone off to pieces, then grinning from the corner of your mouth!

Real? – Close! Thrilling? Adventurous? Enticing? Addictive?- Yes!

With the swelling mode of the internet buzz across the world, the hype of the video games is on the bulking hike!

The news like “A boy grabs knife after his dad unplugged the video game!”, “Child’s Play? – Grand Theft Auto III Provides Video Gamers With a Virtual World of Extreme Violence,” etc. I mean what sort of escaping reality is this?? It’s like moving from the dark to a more darker one!

The reasons people wrap themselves up with the guns, knives, chisel, bombs etc., owing and believing it to change their lives are:

Real – Unreal:

People accept this as a safe escape from the reality. Many a times people are in an intolerable stress, depression, nearing deadlines etc. Owing to the reality’s mind-boggling thorns on one’s side, video games are a way to soothe, relax and calm the mind. Sometimes with the defeat in the game, it also lets them loose a little grip over themselves. Here, they can be whoever they choose to be!

Virtual Social Lives:

Many a times, people are devoid of any company, in order to play with, talk with or be entertained with. This leads them, indulging in the online gaming, where they get to interact with numerous of people around the world. They give you the cover, when you are in danger… being on the same side, they chat with you about the next attack and various game plans made unanimously, you guys tend to stand up for each other in order to win the game!!Well, this happens just in the virtual world, in reality they wouldn’t care a flying shit even if you are dead!

Army Practice sessions:

The U.S Army and Navy are known to have employed the video games in order to train their recruits. This is to reduce the large expense of the huge simulators, which hailed video game as a solution. This practice is followed as a proof research of the ‘gamers’, who revealed that gaming leads to a faster reaction time and enhancing the accuracy of the hand-eye coordination than the ‘non-gamers’. Like the military, certain corporations have seen optimistic outcome of using video games to train workers by engaging them in the intense mental activities, such as stock market trading.

Violent children:

Due to the various stealing, killing, murdering etc., children tend to pick out the wrong habits from the games, thus inculcating them in their normal lives. This is really dangerous and hence, parents must pay extra attention towards the daily schedule of their children.

Smarter you:

In a book Everything bad is good for you , the author presents that since the video games are complex and difficult, hence, the people playing them are smarter than the ones who don’t. This is proved as the people who play video games are proved to have higher IQs than the ones who don’t.

Causes and Effects:

Earlier there were various games in order to socialize and people would tend to talk and interact unlike in the video games where the conversation is only restricted to the slangs and swears. “oo-fu**” ,”oo-shit”, “oo-ooh”, “Duh!”!- DUH!!

May whatever be the reason, but this practice is indulging the involved into the virtual world more and more with the passing time. As a reason they are refrained from the real world, leading to the darker anti-social one!! No clue what is in store for the future to come, but the only thing I can smell is – Loneliness, man being a social being!! – A Dangerous Irony!