Sharia Law Horror in Indonesia – Do You Know What is Sharia Law?


New Laws in Indonesia is Sharia Law

Sharia Law in Indonesia is based on ethical crimes; it emphasizes that woman in Indonesia will be punished under sharia law for ethical crimes such as hugging in public or suspected “intimate relations” outside marriage. This has been implemented in Indonesia for the past few months. Many women have already charged for it.

Sharia Law is totally against the “Morality crimes” like – gambling, alcohol consumption, and gay sex in the traditionalist country. This is already happening in the neighboring country Malaysia.

Under Sharia Law in Indonesia, a total of 12 people were already arrested late last year 2019, and all of them were put behind the bars and had served several months in prison prior to their final punishment of public whipping.

The punishing job under Sharia Law had always been done by men, until the recruitment of female enforcement officers to punish lawbreakers were employed. Eight women, all sharia officers, agreed to be attackers and were trained to perform the “appropriate technique” of public whipping.

Sharia police chief investigator, Zakwan, said in an interview, that the recruiters are given the perfect training to make sure they’re physically fit and teach them how to do a proper whipping.

It’s kind of an instruction that we give to them so they have a better understanding of their role, they should be strong hearted and have no mercy for those who violate God’s law.

In accordance with Sharia law in Indonesia, the latest brutal suffering was handed out yesterday (28.01.2020), after a couple were arrested following a police sweep of a hotel in Sumatra.

The incident was that a masked woman approached the unmarried woman, who was caught in a hotel room with a man, and then first female flogging squad in Indonesia set free an outbreak of whips, proving herself as the newest member of the flogging team.

Zakwan said the new female officer has done a good job. “Her technique of whipping was nice.” 

This kind of controversial punishment infuriated the rights; the activist got angry and generated a heated media debate. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have condemned such punishments as “barbaric”, “inhumane”, and equivalent to torture. 

But Indonesia’s Sharia Law police chief investigator said that they are “far more lenient” than ultraconservative Saudi Arabia and some other Muslim nations. 

Zakwan said “the most important thing was to alarm the violators and spectators, “by aiming to hurt violaters by whipping them” such that they do not do it again.

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