West Bengal Panchayat Election Result 2023

West Bengal Panchayat Election

The 2023 West Bengal panchayat elections were held on July 8, 2023, to elect representatives to the three-tier panchayat system in the state. The election was held in 22 districts, including Darjeeling and Kalimpong, which follow a two-tier system.

West Bengal Panchayat Election

Being ahead of its rivals, the Trinamool Congress secured victory in over 3,700 gram panchayat seats and was leading in another 3,167 seats in West Bengal, The opposition BJP bagged 673 seats and led in 782 others out of 63,229 gram panchayat seats across the state.

The election was begun by violence, with 15 people killed in clashes between supporters of rivals. The TMC was accused of using its power to intimidate voters. The BJP also accused the TMC of using violence.

The Election Commission of India appointed over 1 million security personnel to ensure the smooth conduct of the election but the violence could not be prevented.

The results of the panchayat elections are a major setback for the BJP, which had been hoping to make inroads in West Bengal. The TMC’s victory is a sign that the party is still very popular in the state.

West Bengal Panchayat Election

The panchayat elections are important in West Bengal, as they determine who will control the rural areas of the state. The TMC’s victory gives the party a strong base in rural areas, which will be important in the upcoming assembly elections.

The violence that marred the panchayat elections is cause for concern. It is important that the ECI take steps to ensure that the upcoming assembly elections are conducted in a peaceful manner.