Swapna, An Indian Women Make a World Record On Music In Dubai

world record on music in dubai

Swapna has brought laurels to our country India, in Dubai. She is a Dubai based Indian and has completed her record proposal to sing 1,000 songs in 1,000 days, the whole and sole credit go to her as, all songs were written, composed, sung and recorded entirely by her.

Recently in 2020, Swapna Abraham, 48, has been recognized by the Golden Book of World Records for four awards which includes the “quotidian feat of composing, producing and publishing a song ‘live’ constantly for 1,000 days from April 8, 2017, to January 2, 2020.”

She said she will also register herself for this challenge in Guinness World Records for “the most number of songs in a digital album.”

In a true sense she has sung more than 1,000 songs a day as simultaneously she was also singing additional songs for children for the 1,000 consecutive days – plus a third, fourth, or fifth song on many of the days. Once even she had sung 22 songs in one day.

❍ Swapna’s Real Motivation

Swapna, in Dubai, was working for a management consulting firm and said she wanted to end her decades-long music career by, ironically, singing 1,000 songs in 1,000 days.

She had successfully completed music professionally for 24 years by publishing 22 albums, but still felt that she was quite unfulfilled as a musician, as an artist. She was not able to understand what she was missing. Then, she made a decision to give up music for good and this thought made her take a difficult challenge immediately by setting up a target for 1000 songs in 1000 days. After this, she would give it up.

But as now the mission was accomplished, regarding giving up the music she said, not yet, but surely will be taking a break.”

❍ Swapna’s Planning for the Task

The 1,000-day accomplishment wasn’t very easy. In the first year, she would sleep by 8 pm such that she could rise by 3.30 am to record her songs between 4 am and 6 am at a venue before heading to work. Later on, she started recording her songs at home after returning from work.

❍ Swapna Found Her Own Way

Once she was running late for a flight at that time she had recorded her song outside an airport manager’s office, on another occasion, she started working on her song while stuck in a lift.  Though “That song wasn’t about getting stuck in a lift.

All her songs are original, for this, she had to create 1,000 themes or stories (more counting the additional songs) and the endless lyrics.

❍ Swapna’s Songs Gave Message

When she drove back home from work, she would think about the theme. Most of her songs were about life, relationships, values and the state of the world. They gave a positive note which could speak to the people. Her music always gave a message to the people. She had never gone for humiliating songs or use derogatory language. And also claimed that she never sang just for the sake of song rather always came out from her heart.”

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