10 ways to prepare your toddler for school


As a parent, you might be very excited along with a tinge of nervousness befalling upon you when the time comes for your toddler child to finally head to school.

 This whooping transition in both of your lives is in the process to set you off curious and enthusiastic, as your child will now be learning many new things but the thought of your child being alone without your presence around him for the first time will also make you shaky. Well, such feelings are very obvious and completely normal being the parents!

 To aid your anxiety a little, I have brought to you some things to take care of your toddler child when going to school

1) .Your little one might, of course, be a wee bit nervous at the thought of his going to school and being without you for the very first time. So it is very necessary that you talk to him about his feelings and also enlighten him about the school timings along with imbibing within him the excitement by making him learn about the variety of things he can do in school.

 2).It is mandatory for you to visit the school at least once to take a good look at his new classroom, speak to his class teacher and also make sure the teacher has at least two of your contact numbers in case of any emergency.

 3).If your child is suffering from some health issue, for example, he needs an inhaler, then acquaint the class teacher about it and also stick on some tags on the inhaler box, with the required instructions on it, in case it might be required in the school.

 4).Make it a point to at least interact with one parent of your child’s class. This way you can easily keep a track on every essential requirement for your child as well as take a lot better care of your toddler.

 5).If your little one is carrying a diary, then do fill in all the important details like the contact number and address in it. Although the teacher will already be having them, still do your duty in order to woo off any kind of misfortune in the future.

 6).Do not give the items which are difficult to open like the juice can or biscuit packets as the child will be very irked by the inability to open it.In addition, also make sure to check his bag daily to dispose of any unnecessary items, if any. This will also help you to be sure that he’s safe.

 7).Try teaching your child of how to write his name and also identify it, as it might help the child to be well aware of his ownership sensations.

 8).Also, make it a habit to talk to your child daily and know about his day so as to avoid any kind of mishaps in the future.

 9).If your child takes a bus or any other mode of transport to school, then always talk to their vehicle driver and also exchange the numbers in case of any emergency.

 10).Handle their emotions well as sometimes they might break down and feel distressed due to the new ambience at school. Fill them with positiveness and engage them in other such activities to cheer them up!