14 Things Men Do Only When They’re Crazy About You


Love is that bewitching feeling that is really hard to put into words or sentences but you are certain of one thing and that is it makes your dopamine level go all awkwardly crazy, your heart wants what it wants and the person’s thought never leaves your mind, be it the start of the day or the end of it!

With you going head over heels over the guy, it’s equally important for you to know if he feels the same for you! So take a  peek at these 14 things that men only do when they are crazy for you and get your heartbeat perking answers!

  • The outer beauty means nothing to him and he loves you despite all your flaws.
  • He opens up for not the things that you would love to listen but the ones which you ought to listen. He will tell you inspite of your anger because he would never want to hurt you in any way!
  • He would never flinch to accompany you to the parlor for your grooming and sometimes would even be your ally in all your medi/pedi and spas, just to see you happy!
  • He will always accompany you to fulfill your shopaholic fantasies despite the fact that most GUYS HATE SHOPPING!
  • He would never steal a peek on your hot girlfriends or at any women, walking past by you. It will always feel like your guy is blindfolded and he never leaves you jealous!
  • If a guy says that he is going to take you to meet his parents then you can be very certain that he is only into you because this is a really daring step for a guy!
  • He never scares to reveal the frightening side of him nor the things that he’s most scared of, be it losing you or anything emotional or physical!
  • He always keeps you well aware of his whereabouts, be it anything, he will never just disappear from your life without informing!
  • He will memorize and will remember every knitty-gritty things that you tell him. He would never forget anything like the deep or little conversations that you have with him as well as the times that he spent with you, as these will be his most cherished memories!
  • When you have a tiff, he most certainly will let go of his ego and apologize first because he can never see you upset even for a short duration!
  • Whenever he quotes that you look prettier without the makeup, he will definitely mean it!
  • Irrespective of your flustured, not-so-easy-to-handle reactions, he is bound to stand by you in any unavoidable circumstance or even the petty stupid things. Be it anything, if something makes you worry, he will always be there like an umbrella to protect you!
  • He will never keep you waiting and will text you immediately as he loves to hear from you!
  • When you are on your not-so-pleasant days like periods, he will always be really pleasing and charming, would take care of you, would hug you and make you sleep. He wouldn’t nudge for once for getting the sanitary pads from the shops if you need them!

Despite it all, do not worry as if it is meant to be, no natural or man-made force can stop it! So, just have the most amazing ride of your life with your loved one and live it the most in the present!