15 Travel Hacks That Will Save You Money

Travel Hacks

Traveling is a memorable experience that a solo, couple or family enjoys looking back on. Enjoying each moment to its fullest is important and requires planning about the place to visit, what to pack and how to ensure Safe Trip. All this is possible without too much expenses. Even if you are on a tight budget, it is still possible to enjoy the luxury by doing some meticulous planning.

Here Are Some Easy Travel Hacks That Will Help You Save Money While Enjoying A Wonderful Trip.

#1 Research about the places to visit including any hidden fees by reading the reviews of recent travelers. Sometimes famous museums have an extra fee for special evening cultural program that you might not want to miss. But at the same time you can save time by visiting some other wonderful sunset places that may be free.

#2 Try to avoid travel packages offered by many travel apps and websites. Hotel and flights have a tie-up with these websites for promotion that may seem easy to book but may incur unnecessary charges. Selection of traveling to the place should be based not only on budget but most important on comfort of each person traveling. Check also the available local transport to avoid cab charges from hotel.

#3 Book a room by visiting that hotel’s website and save on almost 50 percent extra charges that any travel app or website would have charged. Another amazing way to save on flight and hotel tickets is to book your holiday at least 3 months in advance.

#4 Check on the weather of the place you have decided to visit to avoid any extra clothes as well as be well prepared in case of sudden rain.

#5 Hotel services like AirBnB are actually much better for group or family holidays with added bonus of comfort, safety and hygiene. Other ways of saving on your stay for solo travelers is camping, hostel stays for backpackers and volunteering for community service through an NGO.

#6 Packing is an art which every traveler should learn. Make sure to roll and fold all your clothes instead of spreading it out. Even important than that is to keep clothes that can be matched with each other. The number of clothes should be half the number of days you are traveling.This is only possible if you have checked the weather of the place you are visiting. At all costs avoid buying new clothes and shoes.

#7 Buy a travel bag that has various hidden compartments for cash. Also it is always better to get shoes and travel bag that’s waterproof.

#8 Keep your own water bottle instead of spending extra every time you are thirsty. Don’t forget to keep a multi-purpose scarf which is of medium length. This not only helps from too much sun as well as to avoid any dust.

#9 Make sure to scan all your travel documents on your phone as well as 2-3 hard copies. Keep hard copies in a separate waterproof bag. So even if you lose our phone, you will not be wandering around paying extra.

#10 Walking is also a wonderful experience while visiting hill stations, deserts, mountains, beaches, museums, temples, etc. It is a simple way to save on transportation.

#11 Keep track of your daily expenses.

#12 Use mobile security apps as well as GPS to track if you are traveling in the right direction. Use language apps and save on hiring a guide. Do not forget to carry a portable charger.

#13 On the contrary, try to use less internet for movies and games while traveling. This is the best way to make local friends who might give you travel hacks information regarding cultural programs that are less expensive compared to what your hotel promises to provide.

#14 Keep your first aid box and important medicines safely in a separate pouch to prevent any unfortunate illness that may occur due to over eating.

#15 Carry a book or any indoor game while traveling which is much more fun way to spend time and save on phone battery.

Saving money while traveling should be Enjoyable and Safe Experience. These hacks will help you make the most of your journey without feeling guilty of over expenditure.