6 Best Street Foods Of Mumbai You Should Try

6 Best Street Foods of Mumbai

6 Best Street Foods Of Mumbai are the busiest and hardest city. Moreover, it is the heart of entertainment, as our Bollywood resides there. People for their living keep working like a busy bee. Their day starts quite early in the morning and ends up late at night. Very often people don’t find much time to cook at home and usually their breakfast place is the street food. They usually take their food while walking on the road, waiting for the transport, on the bus, train, beachside, waiting in a queue, etc. If anyone is traveling to Mumbai and is hungry at any spot then very easily the food is approachable as one will find it at any corner of Mumbai.

Some of the famous and 6 best street foods are discussed below: (6 Best Street Foods Of Mumbai)

Street food 1 Vada Pav

Street food 1 Vada Pav

Walking down to any street in Mumbai, one will quickly come across vada pav, one of Mumbai’s most popular and widely available street food snacks.

People call it as Mumbai vegetarian burger because vada pav consists of a piece of bread in which fried spicy mashed potato patty is sandwiched. A spiced mashed potato mixture is deep-fried into a patty, packed into a white fluffy bun, and garnished with a variety of different chutneys and spices to add on to its flavor.

One must try this if gets a chance.  

The famous place to enjoy is Ashok Vada Pav is one of the legendary versions of vada pav in Mumbai and it’s thrilling. The address is Kashinath Dhuru Marg, Dadar, Mumbai (near Kriti College, Dadar) and Opening hours are 11 am – 9:30 pm on Monday – Saturday (closed on Sunday).

Street food 2 Bhelpuri

Street food 2 Bhelpuri

Another Mumbai street food one can commonly find throughout the city, especially along with the full of activity beaches like Girgaum Chowpatty and Juhu, is bhelpuri. Although nowadays it has traveled to other parts of India with many variations, bhelpuri is one of the famous Indian snacks of Mumbai.

The basic recipe comprises of puffed rice and sev, which are mixed together with chopped boiled potatoes, onions, tomatoes, topped with a handful of chopped coriander and relished with green chutney. It is a yummy crunchy snack that’s tangy, spicy, and sweet. It’s the popular Mumbai street food, once you start eating, it will not stop.

Found everywhere in Mumbai but one can try the bhelpuri in at Juhu Beach Food Centre at a place called Om Sai Sagar Chaat and has long Open hours from 10 am – 1 am daily.

Street food 3 Pav Bhaji

Street food 3 Pav Bhaji

Though widely spread all around India Mumbai pav bhaji is the mother of invention. Pav bhaji has an interesting background, actually, it was originally a late-night food that was made for workers from leftovers. A combination of vegetables was mashed up, mixed with spices, and served with bread.

Today, It has become a common recipe comprising potatoes and tomatoes, mashed up with spices, and served with buttered toasted bread. It’s simple and delicious, and it’s a street food which one can’t leave Mumbai without trying.

Found at Juhu Beach, Shri Krishna Fast Food. But in Mumbai, it can also be tried at Sardar Pav Bhaji or Canon Pav Bhaji. Juhu Beach Food Centre Opening hours are from 10 am – 1 am daily.

Street food 4 Kebabs and Rolls

Street food 4 Kebabs and Rolls

Kebabs and rolls are on the top list of Mumbai street food. One will find a lot of vegetarian food but kebabs and rolls are undoubtedly non-veg. So, non-vegetarians can enjoy widely in Mumbai.

Mumbai has a large number of legendary restaurants that serve delicious kebabs and rolls, but one the Mumbai bhuna rolls is the famous popular food, usually asked by the people. Bhuna rolls are made with boneless chicken which is cooked in spice-filled gravy, and wrapped within a freshly cooked rumble roti, which is a very thin roti.

A bhuna roll is the perfect late-night snack that you want to be eating at about 3 am in the morning and feeling really good about it.

I can enjoy the good preparation at  Bademiya in Colaba, Tulloch Road, Apollo Bunder, Colaba, Mumbai which Opens daily from 7 pm – 3 am.

Street food 5 Mumbai Sandwich (Bombay Sandwich)

Bombay Sandwich

Usually, sandwiches can never be dreamt, if one is sprawling in Mumbai streets. But, if we are talking about Mumbai street food then it is something different, it is a local favorite, the Bombay sandwich, and it is very tempting food when you find vendors all over busy parts of the city thrashing up grilled sandwiches with perfection.

The sandwiches are vegetarian and are the slices of white bread that are buttered on both sides. Then garnished with coriander leaves and mint chutney, with thin slices of vegetables that can include beetroot, onion, cucumber, tomato, and a layer of masala potatoes, followed by shredded cheese and a sprinkle of chili and cumin.

The best way to enjoy your Mumbai sandwich is to eat it hot and fresh, and crispy on the edges. Dipping this street food sandwich in chutney and then relishing it, gives a heavenly flavor.

Popular all around the city but one can find Mumbai street sandwiches especially in busy areas of the city, a street Mumbai’s Bhendi Bazaar.

Street food 6 Batata vada

Batata vada

Again, one more famous and popular street foods of Mumbai. Very easy to fetch and eat anywhere. One can also relish in small and crowded places too, as, doesn’t require good space for the food. Whether it’s breakfast time, teatime, or anytime whenever one is hungry, can enjoy it and quench the hunger. Mumbaikars can’t live without the batata vada bite. This highly loved fast food is made by mashing boiled potatoes with green chilies, ginger, garlic, lime juice, turmeric, and fresh coriander, then dipping it in a besan (gram flour) batter and deep-fried and finally relished with green chutney or fried green chilies.

Batata vadas are readily available at every street corner in Mumbai. One will have an outstanding batata vada seller but very good preparation is made at Shrikrishna, near Chabildas High School, Dadar Market.

So, Enjoy Eating Mumbai Street Foods. Though We Get Everything Everywhere But Enjoying Things At Its Origin Is Something Different.


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