Gender Inequality: You said Gender Free society??

Gender Inequality You said Gender Free society
Gender Inequality You said Gender Free society

“A woman is an epitome of the inner strength, while a man is more of the outer, both labeled as humans.”

Anything seeming similar?? Yes! It is the “strength” and “humans”!!

Ringing a bell?? It’s the word “Equality”, shrieking out!

Even after billions of years of existence and escalation in terms of “progress” in many fields, women are yet seen only as a weaker section of the society, sympathizing the “Patriarchy”!

A woman after marriage, no matter how educated, is always made to compromise on some grounds, be it by her in-laws, her parents or even by her husband! Why??

Despite working women’s ratio hitting the high bars today, their true power hasn’t yet been realized!!Women are still taken only as “Pleasure Seekers”, “Children bearers” and “Household Workers”!! – SHEER IRONY!!

The world is brawling over “women empowerment” on one side and turning a blind eye to the “Domestic Violence “on the other! – DIPLOMACY!

An oppression of a man is a tragedy, while that of a woman is a tradition! Why this DISPARITY!

Women can be better politicians than men if promoted! Astounded why! Because she knows and she has felt at some point in time, the true societal oppression and can hence, deliver a better understanding to the rising grievances of the public!

Do not believe me! Well, the history proves it!

Indira Gandhi, indeed a woman, has ruled for almost 10 years, making her the longest-serving women prime minister and holding the second longest-period, post her father, Jawaharlal Nehru!

I am myself a girl, from a technical background and I have witnessed girls being considered inferior, in terms of technology!! Many companies hail with a sole purpose of hiring only “Male Candidates!”Duh!

In case you have forgotten!

Madam Curie, the discoverer of “radium” and “polonium”, which is widely used today, is a winner of five Nobel prizes. Not only this but from the coding that has sent us to the moon to the still active researchers, all consume the mind, power, and strength of a “women”!

It is believed that the first machine program was coded by Lady Ada Lovelace in 1842! During WWII, women who were believed to be calculating trajectories in hand, later on, became the first programmers of the ENIAC (Electronic numerical integrator and computer) machine!

If this hasn’t made you realize what women are capable of, then I have absolutely no clue what really will!!