The Evils of Child Labor

The Evils of Child Labor
The Evils of Child Labor

Out of all The Fundamental rights, I highly doubt -Right to freedom, Right to life Right to speech and Right to education!


Despite these esteemed rights, there is still the existence of child labor in the society.

“Children are considered as the purest souls in the world”. Then, how can even one exploit their innocence and initial playing age to be engrossed with tiresome slogging dirty work!!

Noteworthy of the clichés “chotu” at tea stalls, or a juvenile worker at a general store or a young one working in a household!! What does this really imply!!

Well! I don’t know about your views, but to me, our ignorance of the rightful duty towards the society! Is what it really throws!

The children here are all mostly ill-treated, forced to do any lousy work as they are considered to even work at small wages, due to their ability to be fragile shrinked-size and their uncomplaining attitude! they are mostly taken for granted by their owners!

I remember our new sulking neighbors, having an almost 10 years old child as their maid! They were filthy rich, had two children, in their teenage. They wouldn’t open up to anyone, not even a basic “Hi” was ever exchanged from their side!

The tiny maid was ladened with the endless work at home! Actually, more than she could even weigh. I tried speaking to her, but she never did. She seemed scared of something.

Upon my summoning, she would always tell “Aunty Daatengi” and left! Seeing her like this, one day made me follow her and witness, that the lady put a hot spatula on her little hand, for not making the rotis in proper shape!

I was stoned at the view; I mean what sort of a person expects a 10-year-old to make a round roti, rather roti!!

Without giving a second thought, I immediately barged into their house, took a hold of the little girl and called the police!

The smile that she had, when I brought her home and feeded her, was priceless!

Last year I even experienced a lady in a mall! She had two kids, one was a toddler and the other must have been hard of 12 years. She even brought her maid, I suppose! Because, when she and her elder child were shopping, the maid sat on the stairs and took care of the toddler! – UNIFIED SOCIETY AND DIVERSIFIED MENTALITY!! IRONY!!

All the children are same, the paradox being, one is surviving for working while the other is working for survival!!- All the above, mentioned rights are here being denied! Hence, this is a heinous crime and must be of a grave concern towards preserving humanity!! Hence, YES, CHILD LABOUR IS A CHILL DOWN THE SPINE AND OUGHT TO BE STOPPED!!