Quick and Easy Janmashtmi Vrat Recipes

Janmashtmi Vrat Recipe

Krishna Janmashtami festival is also recognized as Gokulashtami, Krishna Jayanti or simply Janmashtami. It is an occasion of the birth of Lord Krishna and thus celebrated with great pomp and show. This year it is celebrated on 24th August 2019 (Janmashtmi Vrat Recipes).

Janmashtami is celebrated with great dedication and eagerness in India in the month of July or August. According to the Hindu calendar, this spiritual festival is celebrated on the Ashtami of Krishna Paksha or the 8th day of the dark fortnight in the month of Bhadon. Janmashtami is celebrated during the midnight as Sri Krishna is believed to be born on a dark, stormy and windy night to end the rule and violence of his uncle, Kansa. All over India, this day is celebrated with devotional songs and dances, pujas, arti, and rocking the cradle of baby Sri Krishna.

The Janmashtami celebration in Mathura and Vrindavan, the places where Sri Krishna had spent his life, are very special. On this auspicious day people decorate temples and homes and keep them illuminated. Whole night prayers are offered with religious mantras and bhajans. Prasad in the temples are given at 12.0’Clock midnight after the pooja.

The celebration varies as per different regions but the fasting is preserved on this day by all the devotees. Devotees while fasting prepare bhog (Prasad) to be offered to Lord Krisha, sing krishna songs (Bhajans) and break the fast at midnight by celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna.

During this fast certain flours and grains can be consumed, what the people had been doing through generations. Some of the flours of Singhara, Kuttu, Rajgira, arrowroot, Sama ke chawal and Sabudana are variably used. Along with this people use rock salt or sendha namak in place of normal salt.

Basically, one should not eat anything during fasting, this will be good in two ways one for the health as your internal cleaning of the body will be fast and secondly the religious value will also be fulfilled by remembering lord Krishna again and again which will make one spiritually strong. At least on this day people get the opportunity to have the spiritual belief.

Anyways, but the people who wants to keep fast but cannot remain without eating for the whole day, so for those people there are some quick recipes which they can prepare in no time and also quench their hunger. There are many things which one can eat on fast, but the advice is to go for natural eatables rather than eating fried or heavy diet.

➯ Janmashtmi Vrat Recipes 1

Coconut and cashew nut sweet Burfi


  • Dry coconut finally grated – 3 cups
  • Cashew nut -1 cup
  • Honey – half cup
  • Cardamom – one teaspoon
  •  Rose water- half cup
  • Piyal seeds – one tablespoon


Finely grind dry coconut and cashew nut separately in a mixer, take both the powder in a big plate, add honey, rose water cardamom and knead it. Spread it in a plate and set it like burfi, garnish with piyal (chironji) seeds.

➯ Janmashtmi Vrat Recipes 2

Coconut raisin sweet


  • Raisin -1 Cup Grated
  • Dry Coconut -1 Cup
  • Cardamom Powder- 1 Teaspoon
  • Piyal seeds Or Cashew Nuts – As Required


Grind dry coconut and raisin finely in a mixer, take it out on a plate and mix cardamom powder, spread in a big plate by making a thick layer for burfi. Garnish with chironji and cashew nut pieces. Cut like Burfi.

One can use fresh coconut in place of dry coconut

➯ Janmashtmi Vrat Recipes 3

Carrot comfit laddu


  • Finally grated carrot -2 cup
  • Finally grated coconut- 1 cup
  • Finally cut dates -3 cup
  • Cardamom powder – one teaspoon


Mix carrot, dates and cardamom and make its ladoos. Roll it in grated coconut and use them while fresh. 

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Cashew nut and coconut pedas


  • Cashew nut -1 cup
  • Grated Dry coconut -1 cup
  • Cardamom powder- half tea spoon
  • Honey – 2 tablespoon


Grind cashew nut and dry coconut to a powder form. Take it in a plate, add honey and cardamom and mix it. Make in shape of pedas.

➯ Janmashtmi Vrat Recipes 5

Stuffed Dates


  • Dates -100 Gram
  • Cashew Nut Powder- 50 Gram
  • Cardamom – as per taste


Remove the seeds from dates and cut into half. Mix cashew nut powder and cardamom, fill this mixture in half piece of date. Press with hand and keep in attractive shape and look.

Another method

Same as above but instead of cashew nut powder, walnut powder, coconut, almond, groundnut, melon and watermelon seeds, poppy seeds, etc. can be used. Among these various mixed powder can also be used. In this way, many sweets can be made.

Sweets are a good source of quenching hunger as one doesn’t feel hungry soon because of the carbs as it takes a long time to get digested. But these carbs are in natural form so good for a health point of view also.

“Make Janmashtmi Joyful With These Natural Diets”