Parle G and Swiggy Joined Netizens to Share Hilarious Sacred Games Memes on Parle G Biscuits

Sacred Games Memes on Parle G Biscuits

Sacred Games has always been the first choice for meme-makers, and love the dialogues which are invariably relatable for most of the struggling people. Though fans are not finding the Sacred Season 2 as amazing as the first season, they keep finding content for creating hilarious memes. The largest biscuit manufacturing company also has joined the Netflix world after Bunty, a character played JatinSarna, mentioned the brand as the only source of survival in his struggling days, and are proud as people are sharing Sacred Games Memes on Parle G Biscuits.

The brand Parle-G itself created many memes and shared them on their official page. They said Parle is Proud to be a part of strugglers’ journey to success and shared numerous memes. The web series might have added the line for humor, but Parle has now used it for branding purpose. Well Played, Parle! I would say.

What happened is that Bunty gets a call from Ganesh Gaitonde, played by Nawazuddin Sidhiqui who asked him about his life, and Bunty replied that he is living in poverty and Parle G Biscuits is the only thing he can afford and is living only because of them. He said to Gaitonde, “Yaha Parle-G khaana pad raha hai kaali chai meindubokar.”

The character is later seen as a superstar lyricist, and producer owning multiple casinos who used to eat Parle G with black tea in his struggling days. The lines soon became viral as people started relating the situation with their condition during the month-end days when they only have the budget of buying Parle-G biscuits.

Here are some of the Sacred Games Memes on Parle G Biscuits

While some compared Bunty’s situation with brothers, who spend all their money buying rakhi gifts for their sisters, some netizens compared it with the life of startup owners.

Parle also joined the gang and shared the following memes as promoted their brand by saying they are a part of every struggling artists’ life.

They also claimed to support every student who is away from home.

Parle- G, instead of getting offended because it Bunt called them cheap, and low class, Parle has taken it as a compliment as they support all the strugglers during their journey, and support them when they have fewer resources.

Swiggy, the food delivery website also joined the conversation and offered to supply cheap tea as the strugglers prefer the Parle G biscuits with tea. Swiggy shared the post from Parle and asked if they could supply tea.

Netflix who is very active on Social did not waste time to respond to the offer made by Swiggy. The Netflix comment was witty as well as funny. They said, “It’s the end of the month. Please send Kaali chai”. Netflix suggested that Swiggy should send black tea because it costs less money than normal tea.

Swiggy again replied to the post as they did not want to lose any chance of branding. They mentioned the concept of Sacrifice, which is the central idea of Sacred Games 2 and promoted their brand by saying that they have lots of offers and would sell Tea at affordable costs, and nobody would have to sacrifice milked tea.

“Sacred Games Memes on Parle G Biscuits”