How are smartphones ruining the relationships

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“Smartphones and computers separate you from everybody else, it makes you think like you need nobody else!”

Today, even a two-year-old child knows how to use a smartphone! I  literally gape at the tenor of the present era!

Everybody is just glued to their mobile phones at every hour of the day, be it at work, at home, at a party, at a social gathering or even while attending someone’s mourning!

This is what the smartphones have done in today’s world of digitalization. They were developed to make the lives easier for the people but this adamant invention has been hell-bent on making the life rather miserable!!

The smartphones are known to deteriorate not only your eye sight but also hamper your mental and emotional health. You get anxious for a message after it’s seen, are highly addicted to attain the netizens fame on the social media websites, crave for being one of the most popular on the Instagram, online chatting, and dating addiction has hiked, the “showbiz” has notched up to multiple folds, thus leading to peer pressure and then depression and what not!! It has completely ruined all the relationships around, by being entirely engrossed into that little world of its own!

Here is a list of six things that portray how a smartphone attains the victory of ruining the relationships!

Feel completely ignored when your partner has that little “envious monster” in his hand, although “he/she is listening”

Romantic relationships are very sensitive and even a petty thing can be a huge concern at times. Being engrossed in your phone while your partner is trying to converse with you, even if you are listening to everything, can sometimes create a huge emotional upheaval and can even lead to a fight over nothing, as your actions clearly indicate that you are neglecting her over your phone.


Your phone becomes your prior companion

Your phone always tends to be on your mind, unknowingly! Even during the most private moments like when you are in your bed with your partner, then instead of sharing some intimate moments, both of them turn to their phones. Also, during flicking the alarm off during the morning, an impulse action follows the checking out your Whatsapp messages, Facebook notifications, Instagram etc. It has become the first thing that you see in the morning and the last thing when you go to bed! In fact, it has become your first love! You can now very well comprehend the impact that it lays on your partner!

The intensity of being hurt if not immediately responded

“You received a message at 12 am and replied back at 12:10 am! what were you doing?” This is one of the most common questions to initiate the fire-laden talks between any couple anytime! Some of the times, you might just not be in the mood to reply or must be busy with some work or just want to sit and relish your movie on Prime or Netflix or sometimes are just at work! But the phenomena of personal space has all gone out if the window with the invention of this little “gleeful spoiler” which recklessly shreds your relationship into pieces within no time!

Texting doesn’t hold the intimacy that a physical hug can do!

Today being constantly glued to your phone, it has become very effortless to text back and remains intact to your partner through this digitized media. But this certainly fails to hail the warmth that one feels while hugging your partner due to the release of a chemical called oxytocin, that makes one more attached to the person! NO – Just texting can never hail that kind of bond!

Texting can result in huge misinterpretations

You should never ever have any important conversations on the text messages as while texting you can never comprehend what the other person’s mood is like nor can you be sure if he or she is actually speaking the truth! Like “I got to talk to you tonight!”, this message can mean a lot of things if you understand what  I mean! On the contrary, talking on the phone makes it way easier to comprehend the mood of your partner just by the tone of their voice!

Social media tends to turn your mood off if your partner is around

According to a research if you have been constantly submerged into your phone then it can result in a serious mental issue due to the ceaseless habit of “comparison”. The adolescents today tend to go under depression for petty things because of this and it’s getting a lot worse day by day. Online and showbiz peer pressure, I may call it!

For example, if you and your partner have been on a dinner date and you suddenly check your Instagram where one of your friends has recently got engaged in Hawaii, then it is certain to turn your mood off as here you have still been waiting for him to propose to you! And then there starts all the rhubarb!

 Well, so to sum it up , all I would like to say is, it isn’t practically possible to completely desolate yourself from your proclaimed “first love” but yes you and your partner can always sit and make few set of rules like not touching the phone when you are together, be it an outing, a date, in bed, or anywhere around, you can always point out at  your partner’s habit time and again  for switching on the watsapp while turning off the morning alarm, and a lot more. Even if then your partner nudges to stop overusing the phone, you well know where the relationship is heading!