Tips for Healthy Relationships: How would I Know is he Flirting or Being Friendly? 10 Ways to Find Out the Same

tips for healthy relationships
It is very important to differentiate between the two things that are being friendly or flirting, 10 tips for healthy relationships that help to find out the best partner.

Love is the most special feeling or phase of any person’s life. But the most important thing one should always be careful of the fact that withwhat kind of a person are you? Is he the right person? Because being with a wrong person can ruin your life as well. After meeting a person the only question that comes to your mind is that is he flirting or being friendly with you. Here are some ways which will help you to find out about the same. And this is very important to build a healthy relationship. According to experts, there is a great difference between being friendly and flirting.

It is very important to differentiate between the two things that is being friendly or flirting because not everyone can differentiate between the two. Here are some of the tips for healthy relationship with the ways of differentiating between flirting and being friendly.

They Will Make a Prolonged Eye Contact

Psychologist or the relationship experts says that you can surely find a difference between flirting and being friendly by paying attention to a person’ s eye contact. It is not necessary that a person making a direct eye contact is flirting, he may be making a friendly gesture because he is kind- hearted. The eye contact which lasts longer gives a romantic significance.You can generally differentiate between of the things by looking into someone’ eyes whether he is looking with a friendly gesture or he is giving you a ‘I want to get into the bed with you’ looks.

Making Physical Contact

Another clue that the person in flirting is his way of touching. A person who is flirting will sure make a physical contact. It is a well known thing that a person with friendly gesture will never try to make a physical contact with you.

❒ Asking More in Depth Questions

Being friendly and flirting have two different agendas.Mostly the friendly conversations haveless interest in knowing you deeply. But the person who is flirting will try to know things about you more deeply.

The Context of the Conversation

The way you talk to a person or what you talk tells that whether you are talking in a friendly way or flirting. “People who are flirting don’t limit their conversations to the weather,” she tells Bustle. “Often, flirts are not afraid to go there. Once the topic of sex, playfully and otherwise, enters the equation, it’s a clear crossing of the line from friendly to flirty.”

Some Of These Nonverbal Cues

There is a great difference between friendliness and flirtatiousness. “They may purse their lips when you smile at them, play with their hair, or adjust their clothing,” says thomas.

Some also agrees that you will surely present yourself physically to other person while flirting. “These are all happening subconsciously, but send the signal that you’re interested in more than just small talk or coffee,” says Sherer Murray.

Complimenting Each Other

Mostly everyone likes the compliments. It is the another way to judge that whether a person is flirting or being friendly. Getting a compliment is normal but you have to notice the body actions of a person. Because we can know about everything by these non verbal cues.

They Will Try to Tell You That They Are Single

Another way to know about a person is that he will again and again tell you about their relationship status. A person who is flirting will again and again tell you about this that he is single.“Unless you feel revealing your relationship status puts you on a level playing field (e.g., the other person also has a significant other) or makes the conversation even more exciting and intriguing to the other person,” says Sherer Murray.

They Will Tease You Playfully

It is another way of knowing that a person who is teasing you playfully is flirting with you. Thomas says that  “Teasing is a fun way of changing up the dynamic of otherwise friendly conversation”.

They Will Give You Their All Focus

If a person is giving you their full attention then they are flirting with you. And this is another way to check whether he is being friendly or flirting.

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