Tips to Overprotective Parents: Especially An Indian Mom Should Stop Being Overprotective All the Time

tips to overprotective parents

Tips to Overprotective Parents

No doubt parents are very possessive of their children, especially Indian Moms!

It is well known that Indian families are closely knit together and like any other parents, one cares for their kids, but it is also the fact that, when it is said “NO” for a weekend trip to the kid, unknowingly one is breaking their heart.

The truth is if parents are overprotective and keeps draining the kid’s brain with their own self-experienced past, as compared to their self-assessment of the present. Parents keep telling their children that the world is a big harsh place and always inhibits them from doing what exactly they want. It is good to show the concern but being overly concerned for them, will snatch their experiences to deal with. We should let them go out into the world, face the hardships, travel across borders and see the kindness of strangers, etc. If these opportunities are taken away from them then one will be taking away the simple joys of life and not letting them be aware of the humanity left in the world.

Tips for Indian Moms

Parents, generally want their kids to get good grades, get a stable job, start a family but the fact is traveling is the best education for self-learning.

  • Traveling is not a ‘luxury’ for the kids rather it is a necessity for the kids.
  • The current youth is more inquisitive and hates to be controlled.
  • Experience in far of places helps them to come out of their comfort zones and make them more influential.

Best Relationship Tips 1 Let Kids Explore World with Their Own Eyes

Kids Explore World with Their Own Eyes

Today, technology had made traveling very easy; the internet has made it convenient to know the details one can explore the place to visit. So, even with all these precautions, if one is still rigid or overprotective for their kids, then there is no use of all those years of education and nourishment.

Humans are not meant for staying at the same place. In their hearts lies a little spark of passion towards exploring the innovative things and its surprises. And after all, life is the greatest teacher which one can’t even imagine.

When one sends their kids to for world exploration then, they will return back with more concerned, independent and kind soul than before the visit.

Best Relationship Tips 2 Give Kids Freedom

Give Kids Freedom

In spite of all the fears of ambiguities that parents throw in the mind of their kids before any action is absolutely not advisable, but most of us are in practice of doing that, rather we should make it in the end. Let them learn to accommodate, adapt and adjust.

Often one pampers their kids, completes their every wish, teaches them to be fair, strong and kind, but lacks in providing freedom. One can never be behind the kids always for their safety. But, it is fine to support them when they fall and correct them when they go wrong.

There are few teachings in life which, one needs to learn on their own. The world is widespread and its secrets are infinite and stunning. So, one should motivate kids to absorb all the goodness of nature, before they get back into routine practices of life, which is nothing more than a cage.

Best Relationship Tips 3 Respect the Feelings of Kids

Respect the Feelings of Kids

Parents should respect the feelings of their kids. After all, kids have to indulge in many responsibilities and side by side have to be careful too. There might be times when they are struggling, motivate them and in the end, they will get success and come back with a smile on their face along with lots of experiences tagged behind them. This would even amaze Moms after listening to their stories of the transformation. Now they will become everything, what one wants from them to be?

So, Moms! The next time the child asks for the trip, all one needs to do is to help them to pack their bags and this would make parents see a large smile on their kid’s face.

Best Relationship Tips 4 Avoid Considering Kids the Extension of Your Own

Avoid Considering Kids the Extension of Your Own

Mothers, especially become very selfish, if she finds the matter of their kids. They always see their daughters and sons as extensions of themselves, not as individuals in their own right. These mothers project their own needs onto their daughters and don’t recognize that their children have needs of their own. This reflects the selfishness and controlling power of mothers, not love and justice.

Moms often become deeply insecure for themselves and afraid of being unmasked or shown to be lacking. Their own ambitions, to be admired and required get transferred to their children, who try to reflect the same, to look good to others and be admired as well, because her children are seen only as reflections of herself.

Best Relationship Tips 5 Mom’s Should Stop Intervention

Mom’s Should Stop Intervention

The controlling and selfish mothers often try to care for their kids for their appearances, motivated by their own fears and insecurities and leave no chance of negligence. She always tries to live as a center of attraction and needed to be complimented and valued. These mothers never trust fate or chance when it comes to raising a child. While the selfish mothers command the power she holds over others, including her children.

Never underestimate the kids that without their intervention, the children would fail at just about everything. They should use their strength in making kids independent and self-motivated. Moms should be with them like a shadow, not the hinderers.  

Best Relationship Tips 6 Moms Should Make Their Kids Decisive

Moms Should Make Their Kids Decisive

A controlling and selfish mother does not provide any space to their kids, deny her kids to make their own choices and to trust her own intuition and thoughts. Such children when they grow up stay fearful and often incapable of taking their own decisions and later they end up doing what someone else has already guided to do. Please avoid such guidance, not a single situation but kids very frequently will fall into many such situations where they will be bound to take their own decisions, both in their working and personal lives and at that time they would end up in a miserable condition.

“Moms Be A Smart, Firm and Vigilant Not the Remote Controller of Kids”

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