Best Mint Coffee For a Caffeine Lover

best mint coffee for a caffeine lover

Only a caffeine lover can know how amazing it is to try something new filled with loads of caffeine. A recipe from the land of good iced coffee- San Francisco- will act as an absolute game-changer for caffeine lovers. 

This coffee is certainly Minty but not in an artificial way. It is sweet, but not overly sweet. It is slightly creamy, but not rich. The perfect balance of its infringements results in the most refreshing, simple and delightful drink which is perfect for summertime. Learn how to make this magical mint coffee at home here:

Mint Mojito Iced Coffee


1) Freshly brewed strong coffee- Take note of two key words-fresh and strong. It will serve as a base ingredient of the coffee.

2) Fresh mint- Remember, the more, the merrier. Take about a dozen fresh mint leaves for every serving to enhance the taste.

3) Sweetener- Any kind of sweeter will work.

4) Cream- cream is generally used in traditional coffees but coconut or plain milk will also work.

5) Ice- it is needed to lower the temperature of brewed coffee.

Also, to make coffee extra delicious, a cocktail shaker or mason jar is needed.


1) Brew up the coffee: brew up the coffee in any preferred way. There is no special method needed.

2) muddle sweetener and mint: use a cocktail shaker or mason jar and muddler or thick wooden spoon. Muddle gently to extract all oils from mint.

3) Add coffee, ice, and cream: add ice first. Then mix hot coffee and cream to the jar. 

4) give it a shake: cover the lid and shake it for 15 seconds until coffee feels completely chilled. 

5) serve: put the coffee in a glass jar and garnish with fresh mint and ice.

And a tasty iced coffee is ready !!!

Variations in Coffee

There can be variations in the recipe and other ingredients can be added according to the taste. 

Blending it: it can be turned into a frozen coffee. Just add chilled coffee instead of hot brew and blend it until smooth.

Different types of Mint: Feel free to experiment with different varieties of mint leaves. Try chocolate mint. 

Add chocolate: just add some cocoa powder and it will elevate the taste of the coffee.

Add Vanilla: add half spoon of vanilla extract for a subtle vanilla tone. Add heat: a pinch of cayenne pepper  will give the drink a new kick

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