India To Have No 2G Internet Subscriber By June 2019: CMR Report


The availability of 4G data at cheap rates these days by all the networks would end 2G internet subscription in India by June 2019.

The report by CyberMedia Research said that the decline in wireless narrowband, low speed internet, users was taking place at a quarterly average of 3% that got stimulated four times after its entry before Reliance Jio.

Owing to the pocket-friendly cost of 4G chipsets, the present mobile user base is moving to such a scenario. There has been reduction in the mobile data rates of all service providers.

Faisal Kawoosa, Principle Analyst for Telecommunications and ESDM, CMR said in a report, “after Jio’s entry, the projections indicate that by the first quarter of (financial year) 2020, India would have zero subscribers using 2G internet services.

“This advance is because of the exponential growth in the decline rate (of narrowband internet) after Jio on the scene, which has been 12 per cent every quarter.”

With Jio’s entry in the market, all the networks have declined their prices. There is stiff competition now among all the network. Every service provider provides free data and the schemes which are very pocket-friendly. The free mobile data 4G service began with Jio in 2016 when its services were commercially launched. It lured many users and Jio ruled the roost in the market. Due to Jio’s popularity and growing demand, others too followed suit and decreased their prices.

“…the declining prices per GB of 4G data and penetration of services in tier 3 cities and rural geographies of the country is only going to further expedite the process of all subscribers accessing the internet over wireless to be on 4G or broadband,” the report said.

Service providers like Airtel, Vodafone are offering incentives to users in order to attract them with cash back schemes. Jio gave a big blow to these companies by proffering free services to its users in the first few months of its commercial launch.

Jio has the most number of new telecom subscribers, according to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. It has successfully disrupted the telecom industry of the country.

The report said, “With the 4G cellular capability now in a feature phone as well as bundling of entry-level smartphones by various incumbent operators, the pace towards 4G becoming the default wireless internet access is on the rise.”