Why One of The Best Professional Gamers in The World Terms PUBG “IS A Waste Of Time”

PUBG “is a waste of time”

With the advancement of technology the world around us has transformed way beyond our imagination. Technology has transgressed in our day to day life and has formed an integral part of our lifestyle. Today electronic market is flooded with various gadgets and gizmos that are keenly liked my tech savvy people. More high quality televisions and Ultra HD Viewing Items are Pervasive in The Market. This advancement in technology has also given rise to gaming.

In recent days one may witness the students and youth glued to their smart phones who were busy trudging down in battle fields, you can also hear some gun firing as if some military exercise is underway. By this time you may decipher the game is none other than the PUBG. This game has taken the gaming world to a whole new level and has been talk of town. Though when we talk about game one would associate gaming with teens but this game has touched across various age groups. Watching a group of four friends together in park and interacting while holding phone is the new way of hanging out with friends.

Undoubtedly PUBG at present is one of the widely PLAYED GAME across world and garnered praises. There is another important aspect linked to PUBG; that it is a waste of time.

A single round of this game would last around 20 to 30 minutes plus if a person goes on two play couple of rounds he is quite likely to stay there for hours. The Youth especially students are sacrificing their quality and leisure time in PUBG , as this game is being played online as a team, the gaming players are mushrooming everywhere and the mobile companies also started launching phones that ensure smooth gaming experience. these influences most of the people started playing PUBG as if the society would give up on them if they won’t play PUBG. The social impact of the game is expanding its root with every passing day as it is a multiplayer game connecting players across the globe. The PUBG army is only limited to the “cheap thrills” of the game and not motivated through passion.

Another deadly consequence of this game is its TOURNAMENTS; this game has become cynosure of an indirect gambling under a mask of Tournaments, enticing many people especially youth. The mantra is simple Youth making quick money. Youth have propensity to make quick bucks to meet their needs but at the cost of their own money we can coin this as Gambling. This time this had came with tournaments. To conclude, there are far more implications of this game and it is sheer waste of time.

Rather it is advisable to steer youth away from this addictive game and divert there energy to something fruitful.