Return Of Tiktok On Google Play Store And Apple App Store, Can Download Again

Return Of Tiktok

One of the most famous and popular app TikTok is now back on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store days after the ban was lifted on the app. This came into the picture just six days after The Madras High Court showed an order to lift the ban on the application after showing its in the first place.

At the time of lifting the ban, the court also revealed some of the different conditions that ByteDance, which is the parent company of the TikTok, will also need to meet for the application to continue to be made available for the users to download. Earlier it was reported, the condition states that no pornographic videos will be going to be uploaded on the app, this is one of the primary reason that led to ban on the app.

If the company is not able to ensure the prevention of any of the pornographic videos on the app then the Madras High Court will again start “content of court proceedings”. Some reports also revealed the absence of the app on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store just days after the ban was lifted. At the time of removing the ban on the app, the court also revealed it was as of now also worried about the different crimes that were also committed against the protection of children online.

To provide the surety to the court, TikTok also revealed that it has added some of the technology on the platform that will make sure that users are not able to upload any of the abusive or obscene content from the app.

Besides that, the company has also removed all the problematic content from the app which is on the app from June 2018. As a part of the statement, TikTok also showed that the platform as of now has Just 0.000006 % of obscene content and company is also working hard to remove it.

The return of the pap on both the stores was revealed by one of the reports. This comes just two weeks after the entire source started. It started when one of the person filled a notice against the TikTok calling for its ban.

This resulted in the court for issuing a ban of the application for encouraging pornography.