Surprising To Know an Indian Startup is Offering Rs.1 Lakh For Sleep! Know the Reality


One would be surprised to know or rather believe that there could be any job of sleep too. In fact, it is true as NASA is undergoing a space study for which it requires candidates to observe the sleep patterns before and after using the internship mattress for this they will be given sleep tracker and the company’s mattress.

The Company has proclaimed an internship program called the ‘Wakefit Sleep Internship’, in which the selected candidates are required to sleep nine hours every night for 100 days for which they will be paid Rs. 1 Lakh.

❍ Let us understand clearly the reality in five basic points

♦ Sleep Job 1 A New Startup

An innovative startup in India has come up with an internship for those who love to sleep. In this job, one has to fall asleep as per the given schedule by the “wake it”.

Wakefit that makes mattresses wants to undergo the sleep-related observations on people, for this created the internship who can commit in a daily sleep cycle of nine hours for 100 nights in their own home.

♦ Sleep Job 2 Conditions of the Internship

Conditions of the Internship

The internship refers to, the candidate has to sleep every night for nine hours, up to 100 days, for which they will be given a stipend of Rs. 1 lakh.

Through this approach, Wakefit will monitor one’s sleep pattern as the interns would be sleeping on the start up’s mattress. It will also offer counseling sessions and give a sleep tracker, which will be monitoring the sleep pattern before and after using the mattress.

♦ Sleep Job 3 Ideal Candidate for the Internship

Ideal Candidate for the Internship

According to the Wakefit company, an ideal candidate for the job is someone “who can prosper in a slow-paced environment, a company wants to make a concept and deliver effective strategies on the process of deeper and longer sleep. The candidates will be selected who confirms for the affinity to cozy environments, napping, lazing and reclining.”

Anyone who has a “dedicated passion” and “an inborn ability” to fall asleep at the slightest given opportunity is most welcome. Further, it is also said that the dress code for this “dream job” will be pajamas.

♦ Sleep Job 4 No TV, Munching, and Chilling

No TV, Munching, and Chilling

One of the strict conditions for the job will be one will not be allowed for binge-watching, as laptops are not allowed during working hours and people who aren’t into the practice of watching multiple episodes without getting bored are preferred.

Further, it is said that someone who is not in the habit of watching phone notifications at night is more preferred. The company reveals that they are looking for candidates who have a history of falling asleep during class. They have also said that people who tend to snore would be more beneficial over those who don’t.

♦ Sleep Job 5 Nap Rooms at the Workplace

Nap Rooms at the Workplace

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Wake fit for a long has been promoting offices in India to establish nap rooms at the workplace after a survey conducted by them revealed that 86% of Indians feel they would be more productive with small naps in between.

“If Loving This Aspect One Can Do With Their Eyes Shut”

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