Bigg Boss 11: Who is Akash Anil Dadlani? Profile, Biography, Photos

Akash Anil Dadlani

Bigg boss 11 contestant Akash Anil Dadlani is one of the most notorious participants in the house, undoubtedly an enchanting one. He is a rapper and the same who was seen in ‘kalhothri’ on the premier episode of the latest season.

Akash Anil Dadlani

When Akash met the Bigg boss host Salman Khan, he tried to get hands on Akash’s accent as pun and Akash even performed for him.

Besides his Bad boy image in the Bigg boss house, where he is always rebuked for constantly making fun of the other contestants, he is a complete different personality in his real life, that does not contrast with his present image!Akash Anil Dadlani

Akash Anil Dadlani is a rapper, a business man, a sportsman and has also promoted a reality show, which was aired on the channel UTV Bindaas, named Bindass Super Dude. This Sindhi icon is an Indian but is now associated with the country U.S.A. He loves being called ‘A Kash’ by his friends and dear ones. He has struggles a lot to attain what he has today.Akash Anil Dadlani

On his first day in the Bigg boss house, he said that Mother Mary got into his dreams and passed on the gift of music into him, which was the reason for his success today. He was 24 years old, when he realized his growing interest towards the music. He also shared that he has also worked with the famous bands like Baby Doll fame Meet Brothers. The rap section in Jacqueline Fernandez starrer song “Chitiya Kalaiya” is also the work of Akash Dadlani.

Hailing from Texas, Akash has done his schooling from Rogan Reagan high school and has spent most of his time in the USA. He was later enrolled in the Albemarle High School in North Carolina. He is a college dropout and is presently staying in Mumbai.