IOT and AI industry facing lackness in Talent !! – Survey

Internet of Things
IOT and AI industry facing lackness in Talent

IOT and AI industry facing lackness in Talent !! – Survey

With the increase in the internet and digitalization buzz across the world, the advent of Internet of Things and Artificial intelligence is on a hulking ride. However, constant efforts are being made for its substantial progress, yet with the agony of  the industries, facing the lackness of the talent  and the necessary skills, to develop and to work upon this new technology.

The information of the talent supply index (TSI) of belong, which is a Bengaluru based contracting stage revealed that the interest for the IOT  has boomed by 304 in between the years 2014 and 2017 with the ogres across the world like Cisco, IBM, Intel and Qualcomm, they being the top employers of the fragment.

“What’s clear is that even in the midst of all the layoffs, it’s solidly a candidate-driven market for the jobs of the future,” said Vijay Sharma, co-Founder and CEO of Belong, in a statement.

“This trend will only accelerate with more companies investing aggressively in Cloud and emerging technologies like AI, while supply struggles to keep pace,” he added.

India’s 40% of the data scientists hail from Bengaluru, which are an important resource of  high-ranked-tech-talent . Yet, it scored a negative  supply of0.6  on the Talent Supply Index(TSI) for the field of data science recruitment.

The survey also showed the crux in the  aspect of the Engineering managers and Technology heads with the negative supply of 0.6 on TSI, which is the grave indication that the companies have to go through a real tough time in order to allure the capable talents  and  scale factions.


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