Justin Bieber Introduced New Album and Upcoming Song “Yummy” For January 2020

justin bieber upcoming album

Canadian Singer Justin Bieber has proclaimed a brand-new album for 2020, and a new single Justin Bieber Song “Yummy” to be released on 3rd January 2020. 

This will be the first album of Canadian singer Justin Bieber, since marrying model Hailey Baldwin.

The 25-year-old Canadian singer Justin Bieber had also revealed that he had planned to tour the US and Canada between May and September 2020, and would be appearing in a new documentary TV series.

Canadian Singer Justin Bieber took an extended interval from music in 2017 after canceling the final 14 dates of his Purpose World Tour due to overtiredness. 

This year in 2020, however, he is working in collaboration with a number of artists, including as a guest vocalist on Ed Sheeran’s song “I Don’t Care”, and with Billie Eilish on a remix of her hit “Bad Guy”. 

The song “As humans we are imperfect,” of Canadian Singer Justin Bieber can be heard saying in a teaser “super trailer” for his 2020 plans.

He also said that he had gone through many mistakes in the past and now he believes that he is on the right platform where he is supposed to be and God has shown him the right path where he wanted him to be.”

The promo video found Canadian Singer Justin Bieber, wearing his trademark baggy hoodie and woolly hat, sitting outside a petrol station and traveling around a trailer park near Los Angeles as he considers his next move.

Earlier this year, Canadian Singer Justin Bieber wrote about his struggles with drug use and depression in an emotional composition, in which he had described himself as “the most hated person in the world”.

He felt like this is different from the previous albums just because of, where he is at present with his life has been shown in the video. He also said he is excited to perform it and also eager for his tour too. Finally, Canadian Singer Justin Bieber said “We all have different stories; he is just excited to share his. It’s the music he loved the most and shares his inner thoughts, out of anything he had done.”

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