Movie Review :- Avengers Endgame Is Probably The Biggest And Best MCU Film, Ever!

Avengers Endgame Movie Review

Having gone through the repeated cycle of the evil forces and villains that even seek to destroy the third rock from the sun, this new edition has the writers of the Stephen Mc Feely and Christopher Markus to go back in time to vanquish the mighty Thanos which is the bestial conqueror who always think that there is no price too high for fulfilling all the ambitious.

Turning back around the clock sounds like breezy solutions of but as Tony Stark aka the Iron man says in the movie: ‘If you mess with time, it messes back with you’. There is also a bit of cheeky exchange around all the movies of the time travel, back it Future and then some more, which is also effectively making the point that time travel is no child play! Even the superheroes need to step back with care.

As is the nature of the Marvel Universe the time-bound adventure does turn into a bit of mess before things always finally cleared up. This one too, things fall into the place but not just without the help of collateral damage. The money that has been shot in the movie also certainly is the one when the army of the evil, convinced of its victory suddenly comes face to face with a superhero army to beat all the others.

On a certain though – when it comes to the tentpole spectacle movies like the Avengers: Endgame, the formula is a heady device. But the tricks are to keep rebooting and revising it from time to time. It is also not very different from our very own Masala Bollywood films that need new characters, tweaking, infusion of new blood, and even the Emotional Hooks, and in the last clever contextual comedy.

The movie has it all besides the whistles and a bell which is provided by the VFX gaming others and a band of actors who have over the year being developed a huge global constituency – Michelle Pfeiffer Michael Douglas, Robert Redford, Natalie Portman being just some of the few additions to the starry superhero crew.

The victory at the end of The Movie marathon is bitter-sweet; one that will leave fans wise-full and probably aching for more.


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