Pak PM Trolled for Saying “Darakht Raat Mein Oxygen Dete Hain”

Imran Khan Funny Statements

Recently on 28th November 2019, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan in an event claimed in a speech that trees produce oxygen at night. Her latest became a laughing character on social media. Prime Minister Imran Khan is being mocked on social media. The exact statement of Einstein Khan was “Darakht Raat mein oxygen dete hain (trees produce oxygen during the night)”.

We are all aware of the fact that most trees emit carbon dioxide (CO2) at night.  This 15-second video clip has led to twitter mocking Imran for claims that defy science was first shared by Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat.

PM Khan was addressing an event linked to a scholarship drive that assists students from low-income families when he made this comment. As the video went viral, it showed confused audience members and people trying to control their laughter.

What made things worse for the Pakistan Prime Minister, was that Khan had recently been mocked for many such funny statements. Einstein Khan had recently mocked a statement given by People’s Party’s (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, that flooding occurs due to heavy rainfall. “Bilawal has shocked scientists worldwide by saying ‘jab barish hoti hai to pani ata hai’ (water pours when it rains). Similarly, Khan said Darakht raat mein oxygen dete hain. Now scientists are getting shocked by the VIP’s statements.

❍ There were varied reactions of the people on Twitter:

  • Many people twitted People reminded the Prime Minister that he should revise his own knowledge of science before mocking others.
  • Some questioned how an Oxford graduate could make such a mistake.
  • Some demanded a Nobel Prize for Khan
  • Some said He meant when a night in Pakistan plant releases oxygen in America
  • Please, don’t underestimate the power of Imran Khan who is a champion of Naya Pakistan. If he says, trees produce Oxygenen in Night, it means, they produce in Naya Pakistan.
  • I think those trees planted at the border of Japan adjacent to Germany produce oxygen at night. Plz check this guy is pass out from @UniofOxford name Imran Khan (Prime minister of Pakistan)
  • Janab @ImranKhanPTI sab ke lageye billion tree rat ke time oxygen daten hen. Ab to mano ke is Azeem scientist ko #Nobel_Price milna chahiye

                “Anyways Prior To Any Speech One Should Be Well Prepared”

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