Kidnapping Done by Pirates near the Nigerian Coast of 18 Indians aboard Hong Kong Vessel

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On Wednesday (03.12.2019) the kidnapping of at least 18 Indians onboard a Hong Kong-flagged vessel was done by pirates near the Nigerian coast. Indian mission in Nigeria is in touch with the authorities for their rescue said by the government officials.

Official’s sources said that their mission in Nigeria has taken up the matter related to the kidnapping of the Indian crew members of the ship MT Nave Constellation off Bonny, Nigeria with Nigerian Government and the security agencies for help to ascertain the details and rescue the abducted Indians.

A global agency tracking maritime developments in the region, ARX Maritime, had reported the kidnapping of 18 Indians by pirates near the Nigerian coast on Wednesday

ARX Maritime reported on its website that the ship was abducted over by pirates on Monday and 19 people on board the vessel were kidnapped out of which 18 were Indians.

The Hong Kong-flagged ‘VLCC, NAVE CONSTELLATION’ was attacked by pirates December 3 during the evening hours through Nigeria; this news was posted on their website.

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“Hoping For the Crew Members to Be Back In India Soon”

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