5 Reasons why Maternity Insurance in India is Important

5 Reasons why Maternity Insurance in India is Important
5 Reasons why Maternity Insurance in India is Important

Maternity is an important phase in woman’s life. It is not just an important day for only mother but for the entire family. Maternity care centers are the best option to make sure the safe delivery of baby and mother both.

We have found that there is high-quality maternity care and treatment center are accessible at a private hospital in all over the country but we have to accept the fact , this is very costly. Well in this reference an ideally structured maternity insurance plan is a boon for those people who cannot afford the high expenses of these private maternity care. Now we will discuss why it is important to have maternity insurance in India. Here are 5 reasons which will tell you why taking maternity insurance is beneficial for you.

Maternity Insurance allows a couple to plan a family without any financial stress.

We have often observed that many couples hesitate to start a family soon and they take 3 to4 years because of a financial burden on them. They know that it needs lots finances which are needed for raising a child. But with the maternity insurance, you can plan a baby without any financial stress. However, the expenses of delivery is increasing as the time is passing.

There are a couple of insurance agents who provide insurance with maternity benefits under its family insurance but it is suggested to take separate maternity insurance to get more benefits.

It allows a couple to be prepared for any complication redirected to high expenses.

When the complications in delivery occur like premature birth, then a newborn requires being protected in an incubator in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for minimum 20 days. And the expenses with each passing days can be varied from Rs 10,000 to Rs 2,00,000. Well, this type of unexpected situations becomes more frightful because of the expenses. An ideal maternity insurance policy will give you the ease of this cost. It will cover most of the fiancés and a lower your financial stress. It also covers them for the newborn baby if he/she has got the complicated illness.

Maternity Insurance Policy benefits cover the newborn baby from day 1.

Generally, it is found that health insurance policies don’t cover newborn until they become 90 days old. But maternity insurance covers the newborn baby from the 1st date of birth. There are some other maternity policies which also covers vaccination charges with cover until the maturity of insurance, without getting any extra cost.

Private Hospitals are costly for delivery.

The modern time has influenced people a lot as people feel relaxed when they prefer private hospital for quality health care of mother and baby in the womb which has become the reason why there is the demand of private hospitals are high. Nevertheless, these hospitals are costly. If we evaluate the cost of normal delivery in private hospitals then it goes above Rs 60,000 to 80,000 and for a caesarian rates increases from Rs 40,000 to Rs 60,000. And apart from that pregnancy has many other complications which are unpredictable and affect high cost. Taking maternity insurance in that way is the benefit for you.

Maternity insurance plays the role of financial backup with numerous benefits.

Motherhood comes with many challenges and responsibility which needs a lot of care. Pregnancy also carries financial expenses with itself and when you are opting a high-quality maternity center then you need huge finance so that you can take the responsibility properly. It doesn’t matter whether it is about normal delivery or caesarian delivery but the maternity insurance convert both options.

Some policies also cover before and after hospitalization where entire expenses of 30 days prior to the hospitalization and 60 days after the hospitalization also covers.