Beginners: Here are Some Pranayama Basics For You




Chakra, a Sanskrit term and it means “wheel” denotes energy centers. Chakras help us to circulate energy at the specific place in the body and help us to keep functioning at optimal levels.

There are seven chakras


Muladhara chakra: It is at the anus, the base of the body and is associated with red color and the sound Lam. It is connected with safety and survival. When a person is balanced, it reflects as being centered, safe, and secure. When not active or blocked, they have fear and anxiety. When hyperactive, one has greed and desire for power.

Swadhisthana Chakra: It is at the root of the genitals. Below naval and goes along with reproductive power. When it is active, it keeps one creative and adoring. When in action, one becomes afraid of relationship and lack imagination. When hyperactive, one has a sexual addiction, indulge in drama, and become manipulative.

Manipur Chakra: It is placed at the Navel and makes self powerful. When it is normal, one experience self-energy. When it is inactive, one undergoes low self-esteem and do not get any direction. One becomes over sensitive. When above normal, one become bossy and always starving for power.

Anahat Chakra: It is placed at the heart.  It stands for relationships and unity with close people. When balanced, one feels loved and love everyone. When inactive or underactive, one feels unloved and contains trust issues.

Vishuddhi Chakra: It is placed at the throat. It is linked with voice. When under control, one is apparent and positive. When inactive or underactive, one does not listen to anyone and becomes secretive. If above normal then speaks ruthlessly and disapprove frankly. The immune system becomes weak and usually has a cold and sore throat.

Aagya Chakra: It is placed between the eyebrows. It denotes intuition. When normal, one keeps imaginations active and has strong intuitions. When inactive or underactive, keeps poor opinion, imagination, and memory. When hyperactive, have illusions.  One suffers from eye problems.

Sahasrara: It is situated at the top of one’s head also called crown chakra. It connects to the supernatural powers. Under normal state one shows faith in God. When inactive, one faces depression and learning difficulties. When hyperactive, one becomes spiritually addicted. One feels giddiness, severe headaches, and mental problems.

So, one has to be extra careful and cautious with oneself, try to keep all chakras balanced in order to perform well in all spheres of life.



Kundalini is the inbuilt spiritual strength which lies inactive. It is situated at Muladhara Chakra. As long as it is inactive, a human being is not aware. And those who want to awaken, it can be enlightened by practicing shatkarma asana Pranayama and Mudra. The power of Kundalini gets awakened.


Maatra specifies the ratio of time duration for Poorak, Kumbhak and Rechak. This means inhalation, retention and exhalation are called mantra. It should be in the ratio of 1: 4: 2.


While inhaling the breath goes up to the very root so its place is up to the mooladhar. While retaining it is up to the navel and while exhaling it is at the beginning of the nostrils. So this is what it is called Des or place where the breath is halted.

For a Balanced life, Pranayama is very Essential to Practice Daily