Depression – A Major Concern | Symptoms and Treatment


Depression is the biggest problem being faced by people these days. It is nothing very difficult to understand but it is the extremely low mood faced by one. Some cope up with this mood and some fall into it. Who falls into it suffers the problem of depression. It leads to a break in relations and also suicide cases have also increased. This is a psychological disorder that is caused as a result of the various complications of modern life. A depressed person begins to believe that he is ill though he has no signs of any disease. But, keeps on looking for someone, who can diagnose some illness in him.

Such patients suffer from negative emotions and have a feeling of despair in security and hopelessness. These people do not like to make friends, meet or talk to anyone.


Some of the symptoms faced by these people who are in depression are: constantly seem to be surrounded by sadness and feeling of restlessness, remain in a confused move due to some reasons or the other, have no expectation from life, suffer from great disappointment, constant feeling of guilt, life seems to be a burden, feels helpless at all times, not able to do the chosen work, have no interest in their favourite activities, have a constant feeling of decreased energy levels in the body, feels extremely tired even after light activity, suffer from sleeping problems, may wake up early or may continue to sleep for extremely long hours, may experience loss of weight due to a poor appetite or may get obese by overeating. Sometimes these personalities have a feeling to commit suicide or may even attempt to commit suicide.


Causes and prevention

If we try and analyze our behavior and attitude, we will find that the cause of depression and its prevention is within us only. For everything, we are only responsible.

But we always try to find reasons for our troubles outside and hence find fault in others and hold them responsible for our own discomforts. We ourselves are the cause of our own worries and anxieties. We blame others for our own failures, disappointment, misfortunes, etc. we should identify our mistakes accept them and control ourselves. Sooner each one of us realizes this, the faster we will be able to solve our problems and prevent ourselves from suffering from depression. None of us wants to change ourselves we are forever trying to change others as per our instructions. This approach of ours is the sole reason for the majority of problems in our lives, we expect the other person to change according to us. But once we change ourselves then our problems will get solved automatically and our sorrows will change into happiness.


Humans are very strange that tend to forget that if they cannot change themselves according to others, how they can expect others to change. If this simple fact is understood by all of us more than half the time and energy that we waste to change others can be used to change ourselves and be truly happy. The depression can be overcome easily by adopting such small things in life.


When a person is in depression he always has one thing in his mind that I am the only sad person and everybody around is happy. He forgets to believe that all the sad moments are created by him only. He feels that the sadness of others is much less in comparison to the sadness he is suffering from. He thinks his problems are unique and different and that is why he is suffering and tolerating more. Nobody else can understand him. His sadness makes him even more sad and depressed. Always one should count their sorrows the same way as they find their happiness. One should consider, how fortunate they are: if I am able to see with my eyes then I am luckier than a large number of visually handicapped people around us, if I am able to hear then I am better than the hearing impaired persons, can read and write then I am much more fortunate than the millions who are illiterate or have not had the opportunity to go to school, if I have food on my table, clothing to cover myself, and my own house to provide me shelter then I am richer than 75% of the population in this world. Once you write such types of things down up to 50 times then you will realize for yourself what a blessed state you are living in. We know that nothing is static in this world. One day all happiness will become sorrow and so does all sorrows will transform to happiness. After every night morning follows, neither morning nor night is constant.


Without sorrow, happiness cannot be realized. One should not be in depression by comparing their life with others. One should believe that they are the most unique and special person in this world and there is no other person like him in this world.


Disorders caused by depression can be cured by both Naturopathy and yoga. The more we consume a natural diet, the more we will benefit. It is very beneficial to practice trataka to handle depression. A person suffering from depression should get a minimum of seven hours of sleep everyday lack of sufficient sleep can also increase depression. One should also keep busy and occupied in activities. Heal depression by regular counseling sessions with friends or a professional psychologist with whom one is comfortable in sharing and discussing problems. Help during such sessions, all information shared should be kept confidential and the patient should not be criticized for any of his actions or thoughts. Such sessions generate confidence in the suffering and he is able to handle his problems calmly and positively. In the case of children, parents should always be involved in the counseling sessions along with the child.