Fitness Freak: Get Inspire From Jacqueline Fernandez & Add Ballet to Your Fitness Routine

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If one is doing the same workouts daily, this could get boring if doing the same things every day, it becomes monotonous. But bring a change in the workout plans, add few interesting props like ballet Barres, balls, and weights to the training session, obviously this will promote one to do more workout. One would never say no to the exercises.

Bollywood Actress Jacqueline Fernandez’s Recent Favourite Workout

Health and Fitness Physique 57 (A Barre-Based Workout)

This workout involves exactly all the tough exercises. Jacqueline took to her Instagram stories to share the way her morning’s kick-starts and this barre workout seems to be an integral part of her daily routine. Inspired by this celebrity, Mallika Parekh, the Owner, is telling everything about Physique 57 fun workout.

This workout is done at the ballet barre (a stationary handrail used in ballet training) and its exercises take inspiration from the classical dance form’s training, and using the body weight for resistance. According to Mallika, it is a full body workout that combines cardio, strength training, stretching, and recovery to help one to achieve a much leaner and toned body.

Whoever tends to go for this has to perform intense arm strengthening exercises, thigh and seat sequences, and some tough stretches. “The ballet barre transforms the muscles to the maximum stimulus possible and then stretches them immediately for relief, resulting in rapid transformation”. It involves targeted muscle get in shape with a special focus on abs, arms, seat, and thighs.

One can achieve better results with consistency, Mallika suggested for doing it for three to four sessions of this in a week and each of these sessions need to be 57 minutes long.

Mallika says that for this uniqueness in health and fitness, anyone can opt for this barre workout; it’s not targeted to a particular set of people. She said the people from the age of 16 to 75 are with them who are determined for it. She also said that they also have pregnant women as well as people with injuries who do the workout with slight modifications, which are provided by our expert instructors.

There are also arrangements for the people who cannot visit us for a barre workout class, but prefer to do at home then they would be provided with a video for doing at home with the request-on-demand feature by the fitness centre.

However, Mallika suggests that since the technique is new to India, they should opt for a few sessions with professional instructors and take professional guidance before doing it at home.

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