Fitness in the Monsoon by Indoor Workouts

Indoor workout

❍ If monsoon sets on then it is the time to switch on with the fitness regime by indoor workout. Let the monsoon not interfere with the fitness schedule.

No excuses are required by one to overlay with the fitness schedule. There are many variations in fitness which one can adapt very easily. Out of these variants, one can compose their own best possible fitness schedule to start the day with.

❍ Let us explore the best indoor workouts which can keep one fit, fine and healthy.

  • At first, make a proper workout plan of your routine. As we may forget and make some excuses.
  • Wear comfortable workout wear and jogging shoes, so, that one do not get distracted during a workout session.
  • Pay attention to yourself and the indoor workouts, it will always be better if one would create awareness about this schedule in the house to everyone, in order to keep the indoor workouts undisturbed.
  • The phone should be kept on the answering machine and play the favorite music.
  • Maintain a diary for notifying daily weight data and size of the waist in it, so that one comes to know the result of doing month-long indoor workouts.

❍ Indoor workout 1 Plank



Professionals who are too busy can take out a few minutes ‘for workouts here and there for their fitness at any time and anywhere to make sure one gets into the activity for optimal health and fitness.

Begin with, put on your hands and knees on the floor or on a mat in office. Lower the body down onto one’s forearms, stretch the legs straight behind and one is balanced on the toes. Hold this position as long as one can (ideally, start with 30 seconds and work self way up to a minute at a time). When tired, bend legs and lower the knees to the ground to rest. Repeat again at least three times.

❍ Indoor workout 2 Pushups

Indoor workout 2 Pushups

Pushups can be done anywhere doesn’t require a lot of space nor too much of time, this will work on the upper body, and will also strengthen arms. Remain in a “plank” position on the toes and with legs, hips, and back in a straight line, bend elbows and lower the body toward the ground. Once the chest is close to the ground, push back up with your arms until they are straight again, and stop. Like this do at least ten times.

❍ Indoor workout 3 Dips



Very easy to do in the office, use the edge of a stable chair, and sit with hands wrapped around the edge of the chair next to hips. Move forward until one’s hips drop off the edge of the seat and gently lower the body down toward the ground until upper arms are parallel to the floor. Pause and push the body back up to the starting position. The closer legs are to the chair, the easier the exercise. So, according to one’s strength, begin to straighten legs to make the exercise more challenging.

❍ Indoor workout 4 Body Squats

Body Squats


For this, a gym is not required, and truly a fantastic way to shape the lower body. Start by standing on feet about hip-width apart. Put arms straight in front of you for balance. Bend at the knees and push hips backward as you bend down toward the floor. Pause when your thighs are parallel to the ground, and then push up through heels to return to the starting position.

❍ Indoor workout 5 Wall Sit

Wall Sit


Stand with back against a wall and feet about a foot or so in front (knees are directly over ankles when legs are bent at 90 degrees). One can place hands on hips or thighs or knees, whichever is more comfortable, and slowly slide back down the wall until thighs are parallel to the ground. Hold this “seated” position for 30 – 60 seconds, one is able, and then slide back up the wall to standing.

❍ Indoor workout 6 Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks


Start by standing with arms loosely by keeping insides and feet together. Next, jump up and spread feet out, so they land about a foot apart while at the same time bringing arms straight out to the sides and up, the second jump will bring feet back together and arms back down by your sides. This is one complete jumping. Repeat for 15 – 25 times.

❍ Indoor workout 7 Superman



One can perform this in the privacy of own room. This is a great way to strengthen back and rear shoulder muscles. Start by lying on the stomach on a cushioned surface with arms stretched out above the head. Next, raise chest, arms, and legs up off the ground by flexing back muscles. Hold this position for a few seconds, and then lower chest and limbs back to the ground. This is one repetition. Repeat for at least ten times.

For these entire workouts, one doesn’t need a gym or a lot of time to maintain fitness. Take benefits of a few minutes with the above fun-filled exercises which can be done anywhere and remain active throughout the day.

❍ Indoor workout 8 Engine running

Engine running


By keeping both the feet together stand straight from feet to head, for the hands from the elbow and make your hands into a fist with the thumb beneath the four fingers, now move the hands alternatively towards front and back like an engine shaft and after that hit the hips by feet alternatively. Keep in mind that the same leg and knee will be bending and the feet will be on the ground of the same side whose hand is towards the front. Do this by jumping on the ground. Inhale and exhale by making a sound like engine, the elbow should not go behind the lean body and the heel must touch the hips. By increasing gradually do it 50 times.

❍ Indoor workout 9 Exercises for strengthening the shoulders

Exercises for strengthening the shoulders


Stand straight and take the right hand above straight in such a way that the arm is sticking to the ear and palm facing outward, then bring it down repeat this motion of right hand 10 to 15 times similarly do this exercise with the left hand, thereafter practice with both the hands simultaneously, remember while lifting palms of both hands must be facing out words.

Excessive fat on the shoulder is reduced, the muscles get massaged, shoulders become strong, those people whose shoulders become erect must practice gradually, and the practice of this exercise makes the hands shapely and beautiful.

❍ Indoor workout 10 Chest power promoting exercise

Chest power promoting exercise


Keep both the feet together, lean body straight from feet to head, make a fist and keep the fingers inside the fist then bring both the hands in front now move from front to back by inhaling and bring the chest back. Remain in this position for some time and by exhaling come back in the original position, repeat it for five times.

This exercise removes lung problems, chest becomes broad, breast become sturdy and firm, heart becomes strong, tuberculosis, asthma, cough and other cough related problems are cured, and those who have a weak heart or a heart ailment should practice this for 5 minutes daily also turns into lean body

         “Enjoy Monsoon by Keeping Proper Fitness”

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