Phone Addict: Why Keeping Your Phone Next to You While Sleeping is a Bad Idea?

health tips for phone addicts

Health Tips for Phone Addicts

Before analyzing the affect of mobile on people, it becomes essential to understand the mobiles and the brain separately.  As the mobile and brain are interlinked to each other.


Health and Fitness Tip 1 Mobiles Features

The modern mobile are equipped with many smart features, like games, cameras, video players, internet and even navigational systems. They are now called as smart phones, which was initially developed and created by IBM in 1995. Earlier it was a luxury but now it has become a necessity and people without this finds as if got cut from the entire world and finds helpless. It has become a friend of everyone in the current scenario.


Health and Fitness Tip 2 Mechanism of Working of Mobiles

Mobile phones work in similar to the other wireless devices. Signals are carried from one device to another via radio waves. The specialty about mobile phone networks is their cellular design (Hence the terms “cellular network” and “cellular phone.”).  A mobile cellular network can be seen as a mesh of hexagonal cells, as shown in below, with its own base station at the center.

Cell phones are equipped with at least one radio antenna in order to transmit or receive radio signals. The electric signals gets changed through an antenna to the radio wave (transmitter) and vice versa (receiver). Some cell phones use one antenna as the transmitter and receiver while others, such as the iPhone 5 and modern smart phones, have multiple transmitting or receiving antennas.

In compliance to the cellular antenna, mobiles also have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and/or GPS antennas.

Mobile phones transmit radio waves in all directions. The waves are absorbed and reflected by surrounding objects before they reach the nearest cell tower. If the phone is placed next to our head during sleep, a major portion (over half in many cases) of the emitted energy is absorbed into our head and body. In this way, much of the cell phone’s EMF energy is lost and no longer available for communication.

After knowing the mechanism of its working, it will be very easy for us to understand the adverse affect of the mobile phones on human beings especially kids, who are very sensitive and all the internal organs are developing much faster and during this harmful radiation might hamper the development of a child. The affect varies with the weak point of the child, so different people face different kinds of problem.

Extensive use of mobiles leads to many health and fitness problems

We can say More mobile Usage=More signals= More radio waves=More exposure to radiations = More health problems=Varied diseases=Affects Body fitness


Health and Fitness Tip 3 Effects on Brain

health tips for phone addicts

Various studies have revealed that just 2 minutes of the phone call can alter the electoral activity of the brain for up to an hour. The radio waves transmitted from the mobile usage deep into the brain, not just around the ear. This disturbs the brain activity which could impair the abilities of working. Not only had this it also creates many health related problems and behavioral problems. They have tremendous mood swings and also hamper the ability of learning, thinking, decision making and working activities on whatever platform they are on.


Health and Fitness Tip 4 Inhibition of Brain Development

health tips for phone addicts

Smart phones affects health of people especially babies whose brains are still developing. Psychologists have said that the first three years of children are “the critical period” in brain development because at this time whatever the child’s brain perceive becomes the permanent impregnation upon which all future learning depends.


Health and Fitness Tip 5 Harming Teens’ Brains

health tips for phone addicts

Brains of teenagers are very flexible and keep switching rapidly between many activities, which is responsible for emotional processing and decision-making.

For emotions and for focusing on tasks another part of our brains is used which becomes active after 20s. This also gets affected by long smart phone usage. This has been explained by Paul Atchley, a psychology professor at the University of Kansas, he said it is important to train that prefrontal cortex not to be easily distracted.  But what we are seeing today is that young people are constantly getting distracted, and also less sensitive to the emotions of others.


Health and Fitness Tip 6 Sleeping Disorders in People

health tips for phone addicts

Good health is based on sound sleep. Sleep plays a very vital role in keeping the body fresh and healthy, people who sleeps less than needed are often unhealthy and easily irritated, it disturb their digestive system, they become target of many diseases like diabetes and heart problems. The development of the body stops due to lack of sleep, as growth hormone from pituitary glands gets secreted during sleep, less sleep means less development due to late night use of mobile phones or sleeping with it on the bed.  The sleep gets disturbed badly.


Health and Fitness Tip 7 Cancer

Children absorb 60 percent or more of the radiation into the brain than adults. This is told by WHO.  By sleeping with phones the radiations emitted ‘possibly are carcinogenic to humans’. Brain’s thinner skin, tissues, and absorb the radiations.


Health and Fitness Tip 8 Depression

health tips for phone addicts

Indeed, heavy mobile usage is associated with higher rates of stress and depression. One of the studies conducted by the Center on Media and Child Health at the University of Alberta found that over the past three to five years, as smart phone use has spread, Almost 90% of teachers reported that the number of students with emotional challenges is increased; 86% of teachers report that the number of students with social challenges has gone up as well.

Between 2010 and 2016, the number of adolescents who experienced major depression grew by 60%, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. Suicides have also increased significantly among kids’ ages 10 to 19 during that time.


Health and Fitness Tip 9 Steps Taken To Reduce Mobile Phone Radiation Exposure

It is suggested that mobile phones aren’t harmful, but long-term risks and consequences are harmful.

One can reduce exposure to RF radiation by:

  • Selecting a mobile phone model that has a low specific absorption rate (SAR), which refers to the amount of RF radiation absorbed by body tissues
  • Do not keep close to bed at the time of sleep.
  • Switch off Wi Fi set up at the time of sleep
  • Always try to use ear phones such that one can keep away from the body
  • Protective devices or ‘shields’ can be used to reduce exposure to RF
  • Do not let children use the phone in areas where the signal strength is weak, as mobiles amplify their own radiation to get good signal strength, which can be harmful to the child.

“Everything Has Positive And Negative Effects but One Has To Learn Its Balancing”

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