Say Goodbye to Painkillers with These Remedies

goodbye to painkillers

Too much consumption of painkillers can increase the risk of various health issues.

It will make you feel good after knowing that there are some natural ways that will reduce your pains without consuming painkillers. There are some natural alternatives for painkillers which are loaded with many medicinal properties. You must make some healthy diet changes and some lifestyle modifications to minimize the use of painkillers. These changes will help you stay away from diseases that will keep you healthy and you don’t have to consume painkillers.

Here are some remedies that will help you to say goodbye to painkillers:

The quickest solution for any kind of pain is taking a painkiller. These give you instant relief. Most of the people suddenly consume a painkiller only after a minor discomfort. But there are also some harmful effects of taking these painkillers. So you can use some natural ingredients that provide relief from pain. These natural ingredients have various medicinal properties and you can easily find them in your kitchen.


Cloves are the best remedies used since ages for toothaches. It is easily available in everyone’s kitchen. Cloves have anti-fungal properties and it fights pain, cold and nausea. Clove is also a healthy choice while preparing tea.


A cup of tea having strong ginger flavor refreshes everyone’s mood. Ginger is fully loaded with various health benefits. Consumption of ginger reduces muscle pain and inflammation. It also helps in treating cold and coughs. You can also add freshly chopped ginger to your foods.


Turmeric has various antiseptic properties. It is also proven that turmeric is used to treat various diseases. It also provides relief from pains. There are two Healthiest drinks which can be made using turmeric which is Turmeric milk and Turmeric tea.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have various uses. Many essential oils help you fight from pain. There are many kinds of oils that have pain-relieving properties like lavender oil, rosemary oil, and peppermint oil.

Hot & Cold Therapy

These therapies have been in use for a long period of time. The use of hot water bags and ice packs gives you relief from pain. Heat bags also give you relief from swelling.

So you should minimize the use of painkillers as excessive use of them is very harmful. These remedies provide relief from various pains or cramps.

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