Some Beauty Resolutions one Can Keep This Year in 2020

beauty resolutions in everyday life

Everyone wants to look beautiful and smart, maybe males or females. But the word beauty in the human race is won by women and takes the first seat. Men, though don’t speak about it but yes loves to be an admirer. Anyways, beauty is that which comes from the inside of our body. Eating healthy food, uncooked food, having lots of juices, fruits, and vegetable juices, in addition to all these, yoga, pranayama and meditation will make us look beautiful.

Beauty is not which needs a polish from the outside. Artificial makeup is for a small time and it harms the skin also. Many varieties of cosmetics are readily available in the market, but these provide us artificial beauty and with its continuous use we may face problems in the long run. Enhancers in the market no doubt are very costly and harmful. It is better to use homemade products for self-care.

Homemade products are the best as they are not only cheap but do not harm the skin also. They give a permanent glow to the skin and are everlasting. General food items like fruits vegetables and Juice have been used for enhancing beauty since ancient times.

Now talking about the beauty resolutions, it should be realistic, means one should maintain a regular practice, as we never forget to take our food. It should be in our lifestyle.

❍ Ten Realistic Beauty Resolutions


Health and Fitness Tip 1 Makeup Brushes should be clean and Hygienic


Hygiene should be a priority this year. Unwashed makeup brushes give a breeding ground for bacteria, at least wash once a week. Pour some baby shampoo or cleanser into a large bowl filled with warm water, add a few drops of baby oil to it. Place the brushes in the bowl for a minute until the bristles are soaked; now rub the bristles against the palm or a brush cleansing mat. Place the brushes on a dry towel and leave them for air dry.

Health and Fitness Tip 2 Moisturise the Skin


Still, a cold wave is persisting and before our skin cracks or itches, to avoid this use a good moisturizer. The correct time to use moisturizer is after a shower when our skin is damp. This helps the base to get absorbed faster into the skin. The moisturizing should be done to the entire body not just hands and legs.


Health and Fitness Tip 3 Remove Makeup before Sleep


Once one is back home from work or from a party, do not go to bed with makeup on. It’s repulsive not only for the skin but poor for our white pillows as well. First use the cleanser to remove the makeup and then, wash face with a mild face wash. Then use a moisturizer.


Health and Fitness Tip 4 Use a Good Sunscreen


Once moving out of the home always use sunscreen, as the harsh rays can damage the skin. A good way to use sunscreen is to mix sunscreen with the BB cream and apply it to the skin. 


Health and Fitness Tip 5 Drink Plenty of Water/Juices


As soon as one gets up in the morning, drink a glass of warm water. Continue to take frequent sips during the day. The more hydrated one is, it will reflect on the skin. Also, hydration doesn’t just mean water. Green juices and hot soups are beauty secrets to fantastic skin too. 


Health and Fitness Tip 6 Take Good Sleep


Beauty sleep is a real miracle. The more rest one gets, the more energized one feels in the morning. Take 7 to 8 hours of sleep, switch off the mobile phones, read a new book or listen to soft music till one fall is asleep. 


Health and Fitness Tip 7 Don’t Be Sentimental


Don’t be possessive of the items as they have sentimental value or will keep it for later use. That fine day will never come. Discard the products which have passed their expiry date. If they’re still in good condition, one can gift them to friends and family. Only keep those things that are truly in use. This habit truly keeps one healthy by the brain.


Health and Fitness Tip 8 Apply Less Make-Up


One should never look cakey or feel heavy on the face. It should be used to highlight the existing features. Also, the less make up one puts on the face, the more breathing time one is giving to the skin. Hence, there will be no clogged pores, and skin will be healthy.


Health and Fitness Tip 9 Do Not Use Multiple Skin Products


Skin always takes some time to adapt and agree with a new product. If a product is working for one, stick with it. Switching products every month can irritate the skin and cause breakouts. Which again becomes a problem.


Health and Fitness Tip 10 Do Regular Exercises


One should maintain regularity in the exercises. Get up in the morning and at least for half an hour do the exercises. One can do Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama to keep the internal beauty on. As a face is our mirror whatever exists internally gets reflected on the face. The only walk can also serve the purpose, 20 minutes walk in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening.

❍ Some Home Tips For the Skin to Keep it Healthy & Fit

  • Make the paste of an apple and apply it on the face for 10 to 15 minutes it makes the skin soft it tightens the skin and reduces oil of the face.
  • Apply ripened banana on the face and throat for 15 to 20 minutes, and then rub with tissue paper. wash it with fresh water, it will give nutrients, freshness, and softness to the skin.
  • Extract juice from cabbage leaves add little honey to apply on the skin and throat after 15 minutes sponge it with wet cotton, it will remove the spots on the face. It is very useful to cure acne, it stops dryness, wrinkles and reduces the blackish color of the skin. It stops skin infections.
  • Peel a pear applies its pulp on the face, wash after some time it removes skin dryness.
  • Grind the mint leaves and apply them on acne face it gives relief.
  • Grind unripe papaya apply the paste on the face wash it after 15 minutes it gives relief in acne and hyperpigmentation.
  • Add a few drops of lemon juice in one spoonful of tomato juice apply it on the face, wash after 15 minutes it removes spot and patches from the face.
  • Use grapes juice every day on the face. Wash after 10 minutes, it makes skin glow shiny and gives nutrition to the skin to get rid of sunburns in the summer season.
  • Use coconut water on the skin, it will bring glow and fair color to the skin.
  • Grind the cucumber and keep it in the fridge to cool. Use it twice a week on the face. Wash the face with cold water after 15 minutes it brings freshness and gives relief from the scorching sun.
  • Add turmeric in tomato juice or beet juice before drinking. It will improve skin color.
  • To remove wrinkles from the face use grounded sprouted wheat with milk on the face.
  • The use of carrot juice daily removes skin dryness in the winter season.
  • The use of tomato juice daily removes skin diseases and dryness.
  • Apply Pulp of pumpkin on the neck; it removes its blackish color.
  • Apply the melon pulp on the skin, it makes the skin clear and removes the smell of sweat.
  • Massage of falsa juice on lips makes lips more beautiful and attractive.
  • Rubbing teeth with peels of sweet lime removes their filth.
  • Sunburnt skin gets relief when the juice of carrot or cucumber mixed with rose water is applied to it.
  • To clean up makeup, Wash faces with cotton soaked in milk.
  • Dry the peels of lemon, sweet lime and orange, grind them mix them with the little gram flour. Add Gulab Jal. Then apply on the face remove on drying by rubbing with hands and wash with warm water. It helps in removing hair from the face.
  • Cut the pieces of cucumber, put those on the eyes, it gives a fresh feeling to the eyes. Bags under eyes also disappear.
  • Add Multani mitti in cucumber juice, apply on face and neck, it gives relief to oily skin and also cleans the skin.
  • Applying the paste of cucumber, milk, lemon and honey glow the face.
  • Drinking juice of carrot and tomato increases blood quantity in the body and is good for the skin.
  • Add the juice of one lemon and one spoon of honey in tomato pulp apply it on the face, rub for some time, it makes the skin charming.
  • Use of coconut water with cucumber juice on the skin, having spots and patches is very beneficial, it makes the skin better.
  • If small pores appear on the face, use tomato juice mixed with half lemon juice rub slowly, on drying repeat the process, wash after some time do it for 15 days. Mix one lemon juice in a bucket of water for a bath, it keeps the skin fresh.
  • For dark lips, mix 2 spoons of lemon juice in one spoon of pure honey apply it on the lips in the morning and night while sleeping.
  • Use almond oil on dry lips, at night it makes them softer.
  • Never scratch the dry layer of lips with nails or teeth.
  • To enhance the beauty of nails dip them in milk for some time.
  • If the nails are brittle and weak apply lemon juice with cotton on them and rub the nails with the use of lemon. Wash the hand after some time.
  • Having the beat salad daily enhances the beauty of unhealthy and yellowish nails. Rubbing milk on the body removes dryness of the skin and skin begins to glow.

All the above tips can enhance beauty externally, but for an internal beauty, a healthy diet is required.

 “Above All the Tips Happiness Is the Greatest Beauty”

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