“Best Travel Tips” Every Traveller Must Know About


If one is planning to travel then one has to be more vigilant and the whole trip should be smartly planned. In real sense traveling is always enjoyed in a company, but still, if circumstances are not favorable and still wanted to go for outing then it is a skill.

To help one to figure out certain tips to travel take the fly of faith and move on to the journey by taking care of few tips before the forward journey.


Travel Tip 1 Interact With Locals

The best suggestion one can get is from the person who has/had lived there, even the Internet or google can not suffice all the info of that place on a single page. But the locals know almost everything about it. So, interact with them as much as possible. With this, the planning of that place will become quite easy.


Travel Tip 2 Always Take Light Food

Never eat the spicy/ heavy food, which might not suit one in the long run. Try to live more on fruits and vegetables and remain hydrated. It becomes very difficult if one gets unwell during the journey then the trip in place of enjoyment turns out to be a headache and all the planning gets flopped.


Travel Tip 3 Use Public Transports

One should use public transport in place of cabs; this will not only optimize the trip budget but also will have the option to explore more, can get an opportunity to interact with people and will keep one safe.


Travel Tip 4 Take a Power Bank

One should carry a power bank. It is the most important thing one has to carry. Never know what urgency or emergency one would come across and also might not get a power socket on a mountain if one is trekking.


Travel Tip 5 Book a Shared Room or Hostel

Instead of booking starred hotels or lodges, one should book a shared room or hostel. One will get to meet different people from different places and get to know more about them and will also enjoy the company.


Travel Tip 6 Don’t Keep Too Much Cash In Hand

One should avoid keeping too much cash in hand, try to use credit cards, much easier and safe to use. Only keep the minimal amount as per the need. One can also do online payment.


Travel Tip 7 Respect and Follow the Rules Made For the Tourists

One should follow all the rules and regulations made for tourists or visitors. Though one might get frustrated because of the guidelines of traveling at that particular place, they are made for one’s safety only.


Travel Tip 8 Always Buy Travel Insurance

Any medical emergency can wipe out the savings or even theft can occur.  So, it is better to get the travel insurance done before one is leaving for the travel.


Travel Tip 9 Make Photocopies of Important Documents

If one happened to lose a passport or any important document at the airport, then at least a photocopies document can make one comfortable in completing the whole trip and also one can immediately report to the concerned department and get the things blocked.


Travel Tip 10 Stay Hydrated

Water is a good source to keep one balanced mentally and physically. Staying hydrated on long-haul flights will make it easier to get over giddiness, dizziness and feeling low at times.


Travel Tip 11 Put Room Number & Hotel Address in Your Phone

This is a very important thing to take care of, usually, it gets ignored and we forget. If by chance one gets lost or confused about the movement then this approach would help us to reach our destination.


Travel Tip 12 Put Down the Cell Phone

Many groups of people spend so much time capturing the perfect selfie at a monument or stunning scenic lookout that they forget to see what is in front of them. A photo is nice to have, but the feel of that moment will be remembered forever. It’s a wonderful world that is full of noise right now. Travel gives one the opportunity to block out the noise, so put down the smartphone and enjoy the place first.


Travel Tip 13 Pack Light

One of the best things one can do to have a great tip is to carry less and light luggage. The hotel room gets ruined, things become difficult to find and when moving heavy suitcases through the airport, railway stations, and bus stations, it’s intolerable.


Travel Tip 14 Step out of the Comfort Zone

If one is on an adventurous trip one should try new things. Do not get nervous and come out of your comfort zone. Usually one says I didn’t really want to do that, but after doing it, I loved it!” Travel and vacations are our time to do something spontaneous that we would have never dreamt of doing at home. It’s only travel that can inspire one to take on new hobbies or adventures once back home. So go for the adventurous journey.

Whenever one does step out of the comfort zone and trying new things, new and exciting things happen in our lives too. It just takes a small step to make great change.


Travel Tip 15 Protection from the weather

 It is not that one has to cover self in sunscreen all day every day.

  • But, one can cover up by wearing long sleeve lightweight clothing, hats and flesh tone zinc on the nose and cheeks when on an adventure like kayaking.
  • When snorkeling, try to wear long-sleeved surf shirts.
  • When hiking through the jungle, one can wear long sleeves and pants to protect from mosquitoes.
  • One can wear hats to protect from the sun and sunglasses to protect the eyes.
  • Prevention is the key to safety.
  • There are many diseases carried by mosquitos from Malaria to Zika, wear light-colored insect repellent clothing that is breathable so one can wear long sleeves and pants to help reduce the risk.
  • Drink plenty of water.


Travel Tip 16 Back up your Photos

Many people lose all their photos on a trip by never downloading them. So, one mistake could erase all the memories. There are many ways to back up photos now. One can carry a portable hard drive, upload them to online storage or put them on the computer or store them on the drive.

 “Always Be Vigilant and Smart”


“Have a Safe Journey”

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