Stones in Gallbladder: Know the Facts

Stones in Gallbladder

Stones in Gallbladder: Gallstones are small, hard deposits called toxins which get accumulated at different places in the body. But more common is in the gallbladder, a sac-like organ that lies under the liver in the upper right side of the abdomen or kidney.

They are more common in wealthy countries, affecting 10% to 15% of adults. Most of the people with gallstones don’t even come to know that something of this kind is developing inside them, 80% will never experience biliary pain or complications such as acute cholecystitis, cholecystitis, or pancreatitis. But, when the condition becomes worse then stones may cause the gallbladder to become inflamed, resulting in pain, infection, or other serious complications.

In case the bile builds up stones within the gallbladder, causing cholecystitis, the bile may become infected. With this, the death of gallbladder tissue can occur. If cholecystitis is not treated then it can cause tissue in the gallbladder to die (gangrene). This will tear the gallbladder, or it may cause the gallbladder to burst.

For its treatment doctors usually, undergo laparoscopic gallbladder surgery (cholecystectomy) removes the gallbladder and gallstones through several small cuts (incisions) in the abdomen. The surgeon inflates the abdomen with air or carbon dioxide in order to see clearly.

But, one can go under natural treatment for the removal of stones from the gall bladder. Naturopathy says this is the Eco-friendly treatment

❍ Naturopathy Treatment Process

Naturopathy says the stone is the accumulation of particles of toxins; it can be formed at different places in the body. It can be small, big and of many different shapes. The stone of the gallbladder is more common among women as compared to men.

❍ Symptoms

In the initial stages, the symptoms of reluctance and indigestion occur, heaviness after Meals and acute pain in the gallbladder is the main symptom of this disease. Along with it generally, there is trembling, fever, uneasiness, nausea and vomiting.

❍ Causes

Overeating, excess of fat in the food, medication, spices, sleeplessness, alcoholism, constipation, lack of hard work, meat and egg consumption and menstrual disorders.

❍ Treatment of stones

  • As long as it is acute drink hot lemon water and fasts.
  • Thereafter from 3 to 7 days leave on white pumpkin juice, banana stem juice mixed in coconut water, cabbage juice, watermelon juice, orange juice, and bottle gourd juice, etc.
  • For 6 weeks only eat fruits grapes, apple, pear, pineapple, amla, etc.
  • Ripe Jamun, methi, bathua, chulai, coriander, and mint leaves are very useful.
  • Spinach juice mixed with honey should be consumed; its 20-gram juice should be taken 3 to 4 times a day.
  • Soup of green vegetables should be taken.
  • Protein dominated foodstuff and fat-containing products like milk, cream, cheese, ghee, etc. should not be taken.
  • Non-vegetarian food is strictly prohibited.
  • 5 grams of papaya fruit well washed and ground with water and strained in thin clothes should be taken for 3 weeks on an empty stomach, the stone in the gallbladder will dissolve and flow out.
  • For all types of stones, 50 grams of kulthi pulse should be washed and soaked in water in the evening and its water can be drunk in the morning after churning it.
  • Eat figs with basil leaves.
  • Daily eat 2 to 4 leaves of khatumba.
  • For 6 months take basil leaves juice with honey, its regular intake prohibits the formation of stone in the future.
  • Spinach and tomato are held responsible for stone formation, but if they are consumed in raw form stone is never formed.

❍ Physical Application

  • Wet mud pack on the abdomen
  • Hot and Cold fomentation on the abdomen
  • Hip bath, steam bath, hot foot bath, sitz bath and dry friction massage of the spinal cord is very useful.
  • One can drink water from a white bottle processed in sun rays, which will provide vitamin D to the body and absorb calcium.

❍ Yoga and Pranayama

Yog mudrasan, halasana, dhanurasan, bhujangasana, Shalbhashna, paschimottanasana, sarvangasana and Pranayama are very important.

❍ For immediate treatment

  • As long as the pain is not subsided sit in hot water in a tub when the water gets cool replenish it with hot water.
  • If it is not possible to sit in hot water in a tub, then take a towel wet in hot water and keep it on the abdomen and keep changing it on short intervals.

“One Should Not Get Panic with These Problems, Be Cool And Try To Overcome With Natural Process”

Disclaimer: Updates mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only. If making any changes in the fitness program or diet then it is requested to consult your doctor or a dietitian before implementing anything new

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